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Expert tips and advice on de-stressing your honeymoon, on Tricks of the Trade.


Expert Honeymoon Tips Fine Living You’ve just thrown a huge party or maybe you’ve eloped and any event all you want to do now is get out of town. So how do you find the honeymoon that’s right for you. With the promise of sun, fun and festival, solitude in a stunning setting, your honeymoon should be the icing on your wedding cake. Male: This is the first vacation you can take as a married couple. Don’t think about it as a honeymoon. Think of it as a vacation. Travel experts recommend planning your honeymoon well in advance. Male: Six months is not too early to start calling it honeymoon because you want to keep your eye open for good deals. You want to start doing your research and you wan tot start talking to friends and family about their recommendations places they think you might enjoy. People you wan to choose a destination that gets away from their everyday life but that is also going to be fairly safe if you really don’t know anything about it don’t go there because that’s a recipe for disaster. You are sold on the idea of a honeymoon in an island paradise you can reduce your cost by 20% by choosing an all in inclusive resort. These destinations offer packages including airfare hotel meals and tips but there can be exceptions. Male: Be aware that you’re going to have to shout out to mix your money in some cases bottom line know exactly what you’re getting in the all inclusive and make sure that you’re going to take advantage of what’s included otherwise it’s not a good guide. Another way to insure your honeymoon is smooth sailing is to choose a cruise. Male: You get great prices on cruises and the destination will take you to exotic places that’ll take you to familiar places. You have a wide choice that ships are also varied to a small intimate ships, there are huge ship with casinos and night clubs and several different restaurants. With so many cruising choices available it pays to get advise from an expert who can steer you and remain in the right direction. Male: Go to a travel professional a travel agent who specializes in cruises. So now that you know where you want to go the next question is when should you go. The answer can be summed up in two words off season. Male: There’s a reason they use the phrase off season because not a lot of people go to the destination in the off season. So basically you can save tons and tons of money and off the same weather the high seasons people are paying for. And here’s a tip that many people forget. You can get free perks by letting your hotel know that you’re on your honeymoon. Male: Hotels and desserts usually go out of your way to make honeymoons feel a little special, don’t be surprised if when you check into your room there’s a floral arrangement or there’s a fruit basket or maybe even a bottle of champagne. It may even possible that you’ve got a room up there. So before you take your first trip as husband and wife remember these honeymoon tips. Male: It’s serious not to use in the travel professional. A travel agent is going to charge you with fees that’s true. They can usually save you a whole lot more money than they charge you. You shouldn’t talk to people who have been to the destination that you think you want to go so get some first hand recommendations by all means let everybody at the hotel resort know that you’re on your honeymoon. Try and book a hotel in your local town for the night of your wedding and then leave on your honeymoon the next day you’ll feel a whole lot better if you’ll enjoy your honey moon a whole lot more. And one last tip to make sure your honeymoon is heavenly. Male: Once you arrive don’t worry about every little thing chill out enjoy that’s the reason you went in the first place.