Expert: Global Warming Behind Summer Heat
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A new statistical analysis from the scientist known as "Godfather of Global Warming" suggests global warming is behind the recent extreme summer heat. (Aug. 6)


[Location - Date:]New York/Washington[Source:] AP television[VO:][SOT/:Jim Hansen, "godfather of global warming", climatologist and head of the NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies]"What we see is that the recent summer temperature anomalies include deviations from the normal which are more than three standard deviations, so that's a deviation which would occur normally only about a couple tenths of one percent of the time." "What we're seeing is that extreme anomaly is occuring over significant areas on the planet. We can't say where it's going to occur each summer, depends on the weather patterns. But the places that are the warmest are turning out to be very warm." "The extremity of the event is now we can say that this is caused by the global warming.""The gases are having the expected effects. And if we extrapolate those out and continue on this path, we know that the consequences are going to be disastrous for young people.""People, if they are astute, they will realize yeah things are really changing. This is not some scientific theory. We're not experiencing scientific fact." (****END****)