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Gear Daddy offers the newly expecting dad a roadmap of where to find some of the best information available, online and off. Pregnancy and newborn parenting tips, tricks and laughs -- Gear Daddy knows where to find them. DadLabs ep 448 "Gear Daddy" brought to you by Baby Bjorn. Featuring dadlabs new book, dadlabs.com, parenthacks.com, greatdad.com, dad.info, daddytypes, dadcentric, rebeldad, laid off dad, metro dad, rice daddies,cynical dad, dad gone mad, and looky daddy.


Welcome back to Gear Daddy. I am your host Daddy Troy. Today we are looking at books, websites and blogs for new dads. Today's episode is sponsored by BabyBjorn. One of the first things a woman does when she gets pregnant is she starts reading like crazy. She buys books, she goes to websites, she signs up for email lists and that's why a lot of parenting resources are designed for women. It's the reason we started Dadlabs here a few years back. Well, things have changed a lot. Now there are a lot of dad resources out there now and today we are going to go through some of those. We are going to go start with iconic book, The Founding Father so to speak of fatherhood books it's called the The Expectant Father by Armin Brott. Now in its second edition, it provides a very practical look about your partner's changes as well as your own from the physical, to the financial, to the emotional. Other book you should check out is one written by the guys here at Dadlabs. It's called Dadlabs A Guide to Fatherhood: Pregnancy and Year One. It's full of practical, God-friendly, earthy and sometimes off-color advice. If you like what you see at Dadlabs.com you will really like this book. Speaking of websites Dadlabs.com we have thriving community of dads. We put out four videos a week and if you could drink beer online this would be the place to do it. And then there is parenthacks.com. Asha Dornfest and a group of parents they provide you some of the most unique and inventive advice on how to hack parent. But greatdad.com has numerous articles on parenting from a dad's perspective. Paul has assembled a distinguished crew of writers, their catalog is deep and well-researched. It even has a special section for new dads. Tom Beardshaw at dad.info was built a site that feels very comfortable for guys. Instead of being clinical it expands the topics of parenting with things like education and lifestyle. Finally there has been an explosion of daddy bloggers. First there is daddy types. It looks at parenting in general from a dad's perspective. Often times, it's one of the biggies. Brian Reid at Rebel Dad has created a site for at-home dad. His advice and pros are both very clear and pragmatic. DadCentric is a blog that is both reflective and the big picture as well as in the everyday minutia of what it feels like to be a dad. And don't forget Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad's blog here at Dadlabs.com. If you think the ground is funny, you really like wine or you want some insightful pros about fatherhood they are your guys. A few more to follow that we really like are Laid-Off-Dad, MetroDad, Rice Daddies, Cynical Dad, Dad Gone Mad and Looky, Daddy. Well, that's all this week for Gear Daddy. Now I didn't have time to go into all of the websites and books and blogs that we read here at Dadlabs. So going over to the discussion area of our website, we're right now having online discussion about that very topic. If you've got some blogs, websites, book that you like, let us know. We will see you next time on Gear Daddy and all week long at dadlabs.com. And don't forget this episode was sponsored by father-friendly BabyBjorn.