Exercising During Your Third Trimester
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This is an excellent video to assist you with your exercise as your baby belly continues to grow through the final months of pregnancy. Working out becomes more difficult and specific exercises should be emphasized, while others should be avoided.


Exercising During Your Third Trimester (The contents of this video are for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or before seeking any new treatment.) Hi, thank you for watching baby belly fitness. My name is Kelly McBride with Babyssentials.com. Our topic for today is exercising during your third trimester. Your third trimester is both emotionally and physically challenging, and you might be feeling a little tired now as you baby belly grows. So now is the time for you to slow down and be more careful in whatever you choose to do. Your focus in your third trimester exercise should be in preparing your body for labor and delivery. And be sure to continue your pregnancy conditioning exercises. Your exercises such as your pelvic tilt then your hip circles will not only keep your abdominal strong but also promote appropriate flexibility of your pelvic joints. Now is the best time to perfect your breathing techniques and your relaxation exercises. Now these breathing techniques are the very techniques that will help you calm and focus yourself during labor as well as being used for pain management during labor and delivery as well. So try some of these suggestions for third trimester exercise. Only participate in low impact activities. No jerking, bouncing or overstretching. Stretch just to the point of feeling the stretch but no further. Also, be sure to exclude flexion exercises like sit-ups and crunches during this period. And while lifting weights, be sure to sit and not stand or lay flat on our back. Also, during third trimester exercise, pay extra special attention to your body. Never work through the pain. If you feel any abnormal abdominal discomfort, this should motivate you to seeking out the vice of your health care provider. But remember, 30 minutes or exercise or activity is recommended and is ideal but you can still break those 30 minutes down to 10 to 15-minute chunks of time and it can still be effective and beneficial. But remember mommies, whatever you decide to do in your third trimester and be extra careful. So, hope some of these tips have helped, thanks very much for watching. This is Kelly McBride with Babyssentials.com.