Exercise Plan For Weight Loss IV
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Weight Loss expert Stephen Cabral shows you this exercise plan that promotes weight loss. Join our weight loss challenge and watch your body get slim and sexy. Each week, the exercise routine will get increasingly difficult.


Sarah: Hey, everyone welcome back to diet.com video. I am Sarah your host, with my friend body transformation expert StevenCabral. Now this is week four of our weight loss fitness plan, and so most of you, I am sure have been following along, we have already completed weeks one through three. If you are not ready yet to move on to four, stick with the third level, or third week, or you can use lighter weights than you were using. Steven: We are going to start with dumbbell push presses, so as it's week four, you have already advanced the three exercises before this. We are going to bring the dumbbells up to shoulder height, good right around right angles, and you are going to sit back quickly on to the heels, and then we are going to transfer the balls of the feet, and press up directly overhead. Good! And a back down slow, back on the heels right back up. So we don't want to make it a push -- we don't want to make it a squat press, so you don't want to go all the way, you just want to go slow or quick in the way down, and then quick in the way up, get right back up, good down. Right to there, right back up. One more, great work, good. So now I am going to give you a little lighter weight for the next exercise. So we have been doing split squats or split lunges for the last couple of weeks. What I want to do is give you a pair of deep eight pounders to start. Alright, so now we are now going to use our stability ball on your back leg. What I want you to do is, place your foot right in the middle of the stability ball. Okay, so now your foot is in the middle of the stability ball, what I want to do here, is sit backwards into your right hip, and let that ball roll backwards, good. So breathe in as you're coming down, breathe out coming back up, let's do one more, and we will switch it up. Perfect, good. Alright, let's switch this for the right leg on the ball. So just take your time, whenever you start a new exercise your nervous system isn't used to telling your muscles what to do. You got it, alright, perfect, that's it right there. Now the last exercise of the day is our fourth level of our ab progression. So we are going to do shin slaps, and shin slaps is a full body crunch with the legs out straighten out. So what we are going to do, is go and make sure that your back isn't overarched. But we are going to lift the legs up off the ground to about six inches, good, and now what I want you to do, is come up with your whole body, and slap your shins as you crunch up. Come back down slowly, stop, six inches yourself from the ground, good, pull right back up, and touch. Now let's come down, but don't let your head and shoulders touch right there. So we have constant touch and right back up. Last one, awesome job, good. So Sarah has got a great burn here going for abs. We did an awesome full body exercise with first one, a dumbbell push press, great for the upper body, toning the shoulders, not bulking them up, but toning. Then we did a killer leg exercise, that's a splits squat on the ball. Last one we finished up with shin slaps for the abs, that's a Total Body Workout, that's week four progression. You work yourself up those four weeks, you are going to see great results. Sarah: And as you guys saw, I was nervous about using the heavier weights for the first exercise, but it didn't out to be as heavy as I thought it was going to be. So definitely challenge yourself with a heavier weight, and if you are stressing yourself, stop that and use a lighter one. Hopefully you enjoyed this video, and if you haven't already, check out weeks one through three, and don't forget to subscribe for our channel. Get free workout delivered right to your mailbox every week. See you next time.