Esoteric Italian Wine Tasting
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Gary Vaynerchuk tastes with Michael Malanga, who used the examples of Crush It to get on WLTV. Michael wants to spread the word about the Mario Batali Foundation that raises money for children. They taste two esoteric Italian wines, one from Umbria and another from Lombardy.


Esoteric Italian Wine Tasting Gary Vaynerchuck: Hello everybody! Welcome to wine library TV. I am your host Gary Vaynerchuk. And this is my friend is the Thunder Show A.K.A the internet. The most passionate wine program and as you can see we’ve got guest again because we have guests in and guests out. I think were not going to do anymore guest. So, we not do anymore guest for us here. We do couple more because I got couple more standing out there but I think we need to go off the grid and guest. We have one special guest in the summer but other than that were gong to come down. And I feel I’m not as excite about sharing to the stage. You know I am a kind of a—I want you to tell the Vayner Nation who you are and how you got here because I think how you got here is interesting that kind of appeals to me. Michael Malanga: All right, my name is Michael Malanga. I was introduced to Gary in wine library TV. I tell it about two years ago by my very good friend Ian. He was actually in Italy right now and doing a big role of thing. Gary Vaynerchuck: What’s Ian seem? Michael Malanga: Ian is just like a big fruity wine guy. He’s been like—I have known for about three years where we are in college together. And he is just always been into the fruit and wine. Gary Vaynerchuck: Fruit and wine. Michael Malanga: Fruit and wine just like this thing. Gary Vaynerchuck: Awesome. Where is he from? Michael Malanga: Buffalo. Gary Vaynerchuck: And you? Michael Malanga: Originally Los Angeles but California and now at Manhattan. Gary Vaynerchuck: As he builds to stand? Michael Malanga: I don’t know. Actually I don’t think about sport that much. Gary Vaynerchuck: Weird. Michael Malanga: Yeah! Gary Vaynerchuck: Go ahead. Okay. So, Ian— Michael Malanga: —he introduced me to the show and then I watch the show for a while. Just you know start it again in the wine more. I took that here last summer. So, I got a lot of task and exposure. That’s probably my comfort zone and stuff. Gary Vaynerchuck: So, you what you feel you’d know. Michael Malanga: Yeah. So, I actually start working for a restaurant. That was in Philadelphia when I’m in Philadelphia briefly. Now that I’m in Manhattan I’m still working for another restaurant by the same owners in East downtown. Gary Vaynerchuck: Where is that? Michael Malanga: I need this shirt from— Gary Vaynerchuck: Not well. I took closely there for a two or three years ago. Michael Malanga: Really? So, from just being in the restaurant, real being as you know getting more closer to wine than food. Just interested in it and let say about three or four months ago Ian and I were having actually conversation. And I was on the show like not that have anything to bring to the table but if you will be get with us on the show. And he had this idea of like well use what you know instead of coming over and get friends on twitter and I just can’t any on the show. This is what I actually what I did. I started to group and get Michael on WLTV. It’s a picture of me when I was in Italy and Spain. Gary Vaynerchuck: I saw it. Michael Malanga: So, that’s what I did. And then you a bunch then I gets an answer but— Gary Vaynerchuck: What’s funny about that is, is that I got in Toronto very quickly. Michael Malanga: Yeah. Gary Vaynerchuck: Yeah. Because I mean like four people like to get Mike on the show as like this was smart. This guy gets me on but let’s makes him hustle for it. So, I started to get the e-mail. So, alright let see how much he wants this. So, I put this in this folder and see if this kid will make it on the show folder. Michael Malanga: So, what I did was I because I wasn’t got anything back from you or for Matt or anybody else. Gary Vaynerchuck: Yup. I’m glad to hold that. Michael Malanga: Yeah. And you would just really like ignore him. So, what I did was I want to had and look like raising something charitable and some money or something that your trying to get something go and I don’t making more appealing to you guys. So, what I did was this research I found actually, the College Foundation which works to feed children. I think mainly in America but hungry kids make sure they are all red. Well, educate and protected and you know care for. And about that something that there was a real problem here it where we have so much stuff going over seas right now that you know which are probably try to focus a little bit I think. Gary Vaynerchuck: Get political on the show and swear. Michael Malanga: Sorry. Gary Vaynerchuck: No, it’s great. Michael Malanga: Yeah. I just look at they and I mean I am fortunate to have a job work in a very high powerful restaurant and you well— Gary Vaynerchuck: You get to keep the stuff after the works? Michael Malanga: Sometimes. Gary Vaynerchuck: That’s awesome. Michael Malanga: Yeah. Gary Vaynerchuck: Through this great. Michael Malanga: Yes. I’m pretty lucky. So, I just think you know as obviously people in America, so what I did was put and send this to say everybody between the group I would donate to this foundation and trying to get off too but I thinking about 24 hours I had almost two hundred people there. And then now twitter sometime I’m trying to get more. So, hopefully now I get a bunch more. Gary Vaynerchuck: Yes, let’s do the right thing there because I want to all the money out of this kind that we can for this. Michael Malanga: College. So let’s take it easy, alright. I got— Gary Vaynerchuck: Alright. So, you were down stairs to came— Michael Malanga: Yes, I came in a little bit ago and he was here. Gary Vaynerchuck: You mention everyone to clear about that. Michael Malanga: Yeah I did. Gary Vaynerchuck: Let’s call it in. Let’s pour the first wine. That wine Paolo Bea, this is an unbelievable interesting with a wine. It’s a blend 27 US bounce. What made you to choose this? Michael Malang: I see both these were suggestions. Gary Vaynerchuck: Have you have ever had the Sanvalentino before? Michael Malanga: I’ve never heard it. Gary Vaynerchuck: I got it, beautiful and great answer. Michael Malanga: Yeah. Gary Vaynerchuck: So, have you heard a , very-very attractive and cool. Michael Malanga: The name is very familiar. Gary Vaynerchuck: Yeah. Michael Malanga: But modernly change. Gary Vaynerchuck: We’ve all had a starting play and you pay them very clear picture of what you know and what you bring to table. What’s going on here? Michael Malanga: Right now. Gary Vaynerchuck: As this on? Michael Malanga: There. Gary Vaynerchuck: The speaker. Michael Malanga: Two on the back end. Gary Vaynerchuck: It’s start ringing. Michael Malanga: There. Gary Vaynerchuck: There it’s ringing. He’s in Italy right? Michael Malanga: Italy is pair of something. Gary Vaynerchuck: Ian! This is Gary Vaynerchuck. What’s up men? How are you? Come in. Were taping WLTV and you are now live to all the comments. So, you’re saying that is more important to get to the place than you’ll be in WLTV? No. It’s fine. We just want to call and say high, so it is on the show, and he made it happen. I’m sure you proud of him. Yes, I’m so proud of him and I just really appreciate and here our manager work, I’m really proud of that. Gary Vaynerchuck: No, have you tried any good wine in Italy, threaten you right and how would you like it? Have a good time and go run to what you want need to do. Okay. Thanks and I want to thanks you and think like well. Somebody is calling you. Michael Malanga: Yeah. It’s my brother and he is probably outside. Gary Vaynerchuck: Nobody take where are and what’s going on. Michael Malanga: Yeah. Gary Vaynerchuck: Alright, we could invite him to come in. Michael Malanga: That’s okay. Gary Vaynerchuck: Alright. Let’s get into this and one more time you got this which is a recap. We just had exciting conversations within you know and Paolo Bea is one of the great producers Sanvalentino in the world. This is more of an entry wine for him price that going twice 27.00 bones and Sanvalentino. Let’s snip at them where you get probably scared in whatever you feel just to make up sure. Michael Malanga: Red – Red Fruit. Gary Vaynerchuck: Yeah. Michael Malanga: That’s one. Gary Vaynerchuck: Yeah. I mean having on the cherries. It’s going to be creamy on the palate. Michael Malanga: I want to say like some current like… Gary Vaynerchuck: I think you’re right. Michael Malanga: Yeah. Gary Vaynerchuck: I think it’s a little more for my nose but its almost like red cherries. It’s also quite clean. I get the oak on the nose like almost a little hint of vanilla extract, its smells delicious. Are you enjoying the smell? Like its smell sweet, right? Michael Malanga: Yeah. Gary Vaynerchuck: Like almost at the middle of like a pie. Michael Malanga: Yeah. Gary Vaynerchuck: Right. Get a little candy. Michael Malanga: Yeah. Seem probably dry. Gary Vaynerchuck: These are incredibly dry. That’s a good. Well, I like that. It is very dry. The fruits are really firm and extremely dry. You get the sour cherry flavor in there. It’s exploding with sour cherries like one more like in the bathroom like that. These are like cherry bounce. I’m just teasing a quite of bit very dry it absolutely truth. And it’s almost a little like of a leather component on the mid palate that I think is quite fascinating. Its a little rough on back end. Michael Malanga: Yeah. Close wisely. Gary Vaynerchuck: But it’s pretty well made. It’s a fascinatingly interesting kind of wine to me. What do you think? Tell me if you hate it. Michael Malanga: No. I don’t need at all. It’s a little too dry probably for what I would normally want to drink. Also I don’t if you got kind of like that. Gary Vaynerchuck: Yeah. I can see that. Michael Malanga: Yeah. Gary Vaynerchuck: Yeah. Actually on the second play I was get a little bit more like a pickle slaver. You get to try it one more time on the second time around. Michael here I want you to try. This is sour very come like cherries, green pepper and the charcoal thing I can see smoky. That’s was leather kind of thing that I was getting on in the beginning. This was very much in old world wine. Old world wine fans are going to eat this up. You know, they bite the bottle in its very old world but I think its pretty well made. What do you think? Michael Malanga: I enjoy it. It lots drink everyday or like wine. Gary Vaynerchuck: How they are enough. How do you think on your mind like when you drink as you’ve like to keeps that in. Michael Malanga: Trying to just good and bad are different. Gary Vaynerchuck: And so this is going to like taking your body language and I’m sure your trying to be your just not be with us. For me, I like to spell and this is no indication. I don’t want to pull this cargoe and guys no way to out. It’s a complex wine. I think if I only bit – is that your brother? Michael Malanga: Yes. Gary Vaynerchuck: Hey come on in. Michael Malanga: Come on. Gary Vaynerchuck: Yeah. Stay right there. How you doing bro? Michael Malanga: He just—that you come. Gary Vaynerchuck: Come on. Grab a camera. I want everybody see this guys in pink shorts. Michael brother’s: Fantastic. Gary Vaynerchuck: What is going here really is that this wine is really over of what we can complex. And so not you know, for that. From the beginning stand point I understand why this would be a challenge and this is really from kind it’s very complex especially in the mid you are finish. There’s a lot of series of flavors going on here. And it’s pretty dry and sour. And so a lot of people are not going to like that just off the back. I am had really like it for back. I think the complexity is very firm. I think it’s an interesting wine. So means it just like a 90.1. I think it’s quite good for the price point and in was real Italian wines are really $40.00, $50.00, $60.00, and $70.00 a bottler, its real Italian wine for 27 bounce. This is just quite interesting and I think it take advantage that would be from a part of the world that a lot of people you know Paolo Bea you know, the wines that have Salvanteno 12:58. You know they are just not as well known and I think that’s were most why I like it. Alright. Let’s get to the. Inferno Reserva, this wine is 100%. It’s from Lombardi or Lombarda in 30 US bones of 13:17. So you decide because 13:19 will be kind of charity team. Michael Malanga: Yeah. To go all the Italian aspect. Gary Vaynerchuck: To all the Italian aspect. Michael Malanga: You know. Gary Vaynerchuck: Yeah. So, rinse that out. And let see what goes on here. So, what kind of wines are you drinking and or enjoying on a regular basis? What wine? What’s like the most embarrassing wine you love? So, it’s like a cirah. Michael Malanga: Yeah. Gary Vaynerchuck: Your nice men. Michael Malanga: And now from my body definitely that was too. Gary Vaynerchuck: You’re a big fan of Jets. Michael Malanga: That would be like you know, in there Gary Vaynerchuck: Entry levels, right. Michael Malanga: Yeah. I like, all right. So, let snip this out. There are some very interesting nose that I can be a really interesting from different outside of that. Just that really interesting area is very good and pretty sure the Sanvalentino Superior is signature wine that a lot of people don’t know about. You going to go to restaurant list or see in the retail store and see 30 bucks, have no idea what list and not buy it. I am not buying it and that’s kind of what makes it under the radar. What do you get on those? Michael Malanga: It’s a lot more comfortable. For me like the other almost a little bit more. Gary Vaynerchuck: No question. Michael Malanga: Like its going to farm. Gary Vaynerchuck: Intense, this is a little bit more shadow. Michael Malanga: Yeah. Definitely more comfortable of what I’m just drinking. Gary Vaynerchuck: Do you get me on this believe or not. You know, usually a white wine trade but I get almost like a walnut type of component. And there’s also some. There’s a very intriguing kind of an Asian Cuisine desert. Its like crushed ice and bean. do you know what I am talking about? Do you know what I’m talking about? It’s like a red bean. It’s like considered a desert and like. Do you know what I’m talking about crushed ice and like red bean? Somebody of what I’m talking about here. I get that in the nose in a camera and what the word is a camera member what it is but its smell is great. And I love that desert saw on the under the radar. Michael Malanga: Either on that—actually I was still in there. Actually I was there. Gary Vaynerchuck: No way. Michael Malanga: Yeah. He was there and he was caring also with them because we just came for so I mean—. Gary Vaynerchuck: The College could budget those. Michael Malanga: We got friends. Gary Vaynerchuck: To me the other one is more complex but this is actually literally have you on the end. I literally feel it on my pallet more like milk than water. It they like the pungent aroma. Michael Malanga: No. Gary Vaynerchuck: I can feel the wait. Taste them together and see if you not that I want to convince you to do that but it’s a definitely a full bodied wine to me. That’s enough to be. Just you know okay and what else. Giving crumb berry flavors? Michael Malanga: Yes. I’ll crumb berry. Gary Vaynerchuck: Yeah. It’s literally like your putting your mouth when they called or whatever. You know, it’s like that you want to kind of some of that. Yeah. Just like put your mouth and just so much crumb berry. It’s actually like ocean spray just exploded on this set right set right now. Michael Malanga: Yeah. How do you get that a little bit of a that instead of this. Gary Vaynerchuck: Yeah. So, this is really. I mean this is one of the easier breakdown to me in a while. I get a lot of crumb berry. I get a little kind of thing that going and there’s a little vanilla that little from the oak that kind of thing going on to taste that. It’s pretty smooth, its very consumer friendly. I think a lot of people can drink this wine. How do you get easily excited of this kind of bones? Wine that $17.00 to $22.00. I think it’s pretty interesting but it’s really maybe of wine are best. And a 30 whether you’re on a college kid school budget or not, it’s still not exciting by any imagination. And one of the more disappointing 87.1 wines remains is just because I’m not on it. Michael Malanga: You know and I was excited to try both of them but I tell that this one I like more than the other one. Gary Vaynerchuck: Yeah. I know that I understand but you wouldn’t drop 30 bones on this stuff. Not when you get like freaking three bugs of the. Michael Malanga: Yes. Gary Vaynerchuck: Yeah. I mean. Answer the question of the day far away. Come on. Michael Malanga: Oh its mine now? Gary Vaynerchuck: That’s yours. Michael Malanga: I’ve never been prepared. I got it here. Gary Vaynerchuck: You have been watching me at wine library TV enough to— Michael Malanga: And maybe not. I got the thing that we get on, yes but it’s the question today. Gary Vaynerchuck: Oh, this is enjoyable. Gary Vaynerchuck: Because call Ian on his dream vacation. Michael Malanga: Here we go. Gary Vaynerchuck: Its will be a dream vacation. Michael Malanga: That’s a very good one. I think. Gary Vaynerchuck: Yeah. Thank you. Good job getting on here. You with a little bit of me will change the wine world whether they like it or not.