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Learn about the life, success and style of American fashion designer Erin Fetherston.


Erin Fetherston Fashion Designer Profile Female: Her clothing may look girly and playful but American designer Erin Fetherston has also come up with some of the most creative and funky styles around. Having grown up in California and attending the University of California in Berkeley, graduating a Bachelor of Arts in 2002, Fetherston then relocated to France where she attended the Paris division of Parsons School of Design. She launched a line of handmade designs in 2004 and just three short years later, the young designer had made it to the prestigious New York runways. By 2005 she had début her own collection during the haute couture shows. And having any really just appeared in the spotlight, Fetherston has already received the illustrious Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award for emerging designers and has been nominated for a prestigious CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award. In the past, Fetherston has found inspiration for her clothes in romantic literature such as Lewis Carols’ Through the Looking Glass or William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Erin Fetherston: Always a sense whimsy, essence of romance, essence of fantasy all balanced with really great clothes that are for women and flatter women which is new to see and a lot more tailored pieces. I’ve actually made a suit which you’re going to see is my opening look. That is new for me. It’s my first time to do it and I love it. It’s very fluent and it’s still very feminine. Female: But for her spring 2008 collection launched at New York Bryant Park called Flights of Fancy, Fetherston said that she look to iconic women for inspiration. Erin Fetherston: Well, I always work with lots of different levels of inspiration but here, I was actually really thinking about kind of a legacy of iconic women and I kind of having imaginary character in mind who had a really great family tree you know so anyway Katharine Hepburn. In another branch there was Ally and I thought about all of these really fantastic women through history fictional characters to but it was really all about a strong personality. Female: The clothing and colors were very romantic light and flowing with flattering dresses and feminine outfits in material such as silk crepe and silk traps. Her 2009 fall and winter collection was an example of girly sophistication but still with her funky edge. Using a gothic color, her fairytale looking included hues such as cranberry, midnight black and whites on a variety of outfits from ivory silk dresses and cocktail dresses in black diamond organza to white jackets over ivory lace chiffon sleeveless blouses and cap sleeve hour glass dresses in black. Her short hand lines, high heels and dark looks introduced a new image for Fetherston creating a sophisticated rebellious girl who is still feminine. Fetherston with her own angelic appearance and blonde bangs is one of the fashion industries rising stars and is now known for her flirty and whimsical clothes. She is also known for dressing Hollywood starlets such as actress Kirsten Dunst and Zooey Deschanel who appeared at the Los Angeles premiere of her movie Yes Man in an Erin Fetherston dress. Deschanel is also Fetherston’s model for her high-end line which debuted the retail superstore Target. Following in the footsteps of fashion grates such as Stella McCartney, Fetherston launched her target line in 2007. So having started her label only a little while ago, this young designer has merged fantasy with elegance to give flirty ruffles and feminine outfits that have gone attention from the world’s popular women which in turn has helped her reputation. Erin Fetherston certainly is a major talent in the fashion field who showed a delight fashion for many more years to come.