Enjoy Your Wedding Day
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Expert advice for brides on how to enjoy their wedding day.


Rebecca Thus: Some piece of advice I always give to brides is do something where you can sit down for a couple of minutes and just write down some memories and feeling about the day of how the thing smell, what is the food taste like, did your grandmother wink at you during the ceremony—these little tidbits. And if you can make few notes to yourself almost like a letter to yourself, whenever you read it the memories will come floating back. I’ve mention it to so many brides and they always thank me after I mention it to them. Millie Martini Bratten: On your wedding day, rather than thinking about all the plans you’ve been making get a massage, go a breakfast with your best friend, sit down for a chat with your mom, create an oasis of calm and sit there and imagine what the day’s going to be like. Not worry some “oh did I forget to do” kind of a way, because it’s all done by then. Tricia Thomas: I have never seen a perfect wedding. I’ve seen wonderful, I’ve seen outstanding and I’ve seen great weddings but I’ve never seen perfect. And so if you think that factor out, you're really going to be able to relax and really have a great wedding. Host: But between the ceremony and the reception find some time alone with your brand new spouse. It will be your only private moment all day.