Enemy Territory Quake Wars - Game Review
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Comprehensive advice on your computer and software problems and questions, this video will focus on the enemy territory quake wars.


Enemy Territory Quake Wars - Game Review Robbie Ferguson: I’m Robbie with Category5 Technology TV and today we’re looking at Enemy Territory Quake Wars. [Demonstration] Now imagine this first scenario evil aliens have found a way to teleport under the planet earth and it’s up to us the GDF in order to protect the earth against the evil strop forces that are trying to take over we’ve got wicked weapons, we’ve got amazing game play and an intelligent imagine that an intelligent artificial intelligence. Jeff Weston: I like PAI in the game two members you work with that because I should get things done for that I’ll just follow a pre determined path actually favored intelligent and really interacted you. It’s very much a team base game and it gets it. Robbie Ferguson: In the past when we’re playing death match or other collaborative or cooperative games, it’s hard to play with only a couple of people because of the fact that usually the bonds are just not intelligent, they’re going to camper. They’re going to not behave like a real player would. With any territory quake force it was much, much superior to any AI that I’ve seen and you’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of playing even with the couple of players on the Lan party. Paul Wedgwood: In a lot of single player games for sometime you’d had very advance Physics for it which has similarity to do things like off loading and rising and flying and have a great to level of realism. What we’ve tried to do with enemy trying to great wall is because it started out as a multiplier title is build Physics that worked to cross the network in the more realistic assimilator to have feedback and you respected in vehicles. The great thing about this is the H of the vehicles that fold can fold very specific come back role. So I think really is capable of traveling off road and a false line public up to really good at build fighting and these functions of the vehicles extend the characteristics in the game so kind of really just reinforcing the sense of a real focus on template. Robbie Ferguson: As you can see the graphics as well as the animation and enemy, territory great wars are superb. Now they’ve achieved this with an excellent graphics department they’ve done a fabulous job but as well as that with regards to the animation in order to achieve that realism they’ve pretty much produced the game a lot like you would with an animated movie. [Demonstration] As you can see behind me Enemy Territory Quake Wars runs natively on Linux no having to install additional software or run it within virtual machines or emulators or anything like that. You can actually install it directly into Linux. That’s really awesome it gets a couple of extra points and on top of that we’ve also got excellent graphics, excellent game play. It’s fun to play a lot of fun. The artificial intelligence as I said is excellent so that’s a bonus and on top of that just having a nice story line. Having a good story to follow in and actually have a premise to the games and you’re not just running around blindly shooting people and on top of that just the fact that you’re not finding health packs and media packs and things like that and different weapons all over the levels. It just adds to the realism when in this game if you die or if you get shut down or anything like that you have to actually either respond or wait for a medic to come and heal you. So you’re not just going to be fine in health packs and things like that. The realism is a lot better in an Enemy Territory Great Wars. So check it out at your next LAN Party from Category5 Technology TV. We give this a ten out of ten the first time that the game has ever achieved that score on Category5TV you definitely want to check it out even with a small LAN Party you’re going to have a lot of fun with your official intelligence. For Category 5 Technology TV I’m Robbie Ferguson.