Encouraging Early Speech
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When should parents start encouraging early speech?


Host: When should parents starts encouraging early speech? Rene Hackney: Parents should start to encouraging early speech as young as the baby seems to be attending to them, talking to the baby throughout the day. When the baby smiles, the parent smiles, when the baby laughs, the parent laughs, that was typical exchange. Even young, young babies, the four-month olds, start to realize while I am having an impact on the world. Somewhere in there, they start to realize, my vocalizations cause an impact on others and so, the ideas is to really attend and listen to those speech sounds early and have conversations with babies even when they don t have a lot of language. It s good when children are really young, also to sing songs that have repetitions that you are singing them everyday or singing songs with a lot of movements, things like Paddycake and The Wheel on The Bus. The more movements that are given with the sounds, the children start to pick it up a bit earlier.