Elective Caesarian Sections Reasons
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One mother talks about her choice to have an elective C-Section when it wasn't absolutely necessary. This report explores the reasons generally given by women for requesting this operation and whether choice is a good thing.


Linda Miller: When I Adreno I chose have an Elective Scissorian Section, it was for particular reasons that I chose to have - although I could have a natural child birth if I would wanted. I thought it was very good for me at that particular amount of time. I have many women requesting. Dr. Jenny Higham: Elective Scissorian Sections because they have decided for them that this is the saver modality it's safer for their baby, they can predict when the operation is going to occur and some women have anxiety that the process of child birth will damage vagina or make them incontinence to urine. Dr. Pat O'Brien: 7% of all Scissorian Sections now are what we call maternal request and what I mean by that is that there is no strong medical indication for Scissorian Section it's purely a situation where the baby is fine, the mother is fine, but the mother for reason or another request a Scissorian Sections. Dr. Zoe Penn: And those women will say that they are worried about the pain or about the effect of a vaginal birth on their sex life in the future or the effect of a vaginal birth on the chances of incontinence developing as they get older. So some of it is down to choice and increasing the opportunity for choice of a women in maternity care. Linda Miller: That is not going to super market and coming home with a baby really, I had a booked time the time went in and I went down and I knew exactly what time Georgy could be arriving so my family knew when to come we could plan it. Afterwards when I talk to other mothers who have gone through natural child birth there are times I missed out a little and don't experienced that but I don't think it has effect my bonding with Georgy in anyway. There recovery time I think a lot of people worry when they are having Scissorian that they are going to be a long time some times you have to stay in hospital five days, I actually stayed in hospital for four days and that you will be unwell and you wont be able to do various things but in fact it didn't bother there was no real discomfort, it wouldn't matters anymore discomfort than having natural child birth and having a -- Dr. Zoe Penn: I think the women approach Elective Scissorian Section as being equivalent to a vaginal birth and I do find that quite worry, I don't think that that is a good attitude to take about a major abdominal pelvic operation, it's so evident that it's going to have high complication rates. Sarah Martin: I wouldn't do - medically you have to I wouldn't opt for one just because you think it's an easy option because it's no - it's a major surgery. And that just take time to get over and so to have a natural birth is still possible. Linda Miller: It's fine for the people to have a choice and I think if they want to have an Elective Scissorian they should be allowed to have one. I think they should be made aware the risks attached to having an Elective Scissorian and having an epidural because anything any intervention like that there are all risk attached but there are risks attached to natural labor as well.