Eighteen Linux Games in Synaptic - Part 2/2
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Comprehensive advice on your computer and software problems and questions, this video will focus on the eighteen Linux games in synaptic - part 2/2.


Eighteen Linux Games in Synaptic - Part ½ My first game with balls is called Neverputt. It ‘s a fun on many putt simulation where you’re kind in like this float kind of universe of many putting goodness and of course if you go over the edge your ball limits to disaster. It’s fun game and it’s multiplayer up to four players. You start to see a trend here of any S or remakes because this one really reminds me of marble madness. This is called track balls where you’ve take this marble and go around this world and try to avoid other marbles that try to make you loose your marbles. That works on so many levels. Fun game it’s free, it’s available for your synaptic package manager. Next up is never ball another one that’s kind of like marble madness but with a twist it’s more like one of those you know the trace where you have the marble and you try to avoid getting them to the whole. It feels more like that you use your mouse to kind of tilt the access of the ground and it try to get the coins and then you try to get in to teleport thing at the end. More points you get the better you do. Lots of fun and it’s actually included with never pod when you install other Neverputt or Neverball you get both of them at the same time. It’s a fun game and you can install it with synaptic. And now for a couple of games that are Deliciously Random. You remember Lemmings it’s an old game but I use to love that as a kid where you know Lemmings are Lemmings and they tend to follow the leader so you try to get the leader to do what you want them to do and the rest will follow. If you don’t do what you’re supposed to do all of them will die. Pingus, is the Linux Edition of kind of like a Lemming’s remake and it of course features Penguins the mascot of the Linux operating system, Pingus is available for free through a synaptic package miniature and it’s a great deal of fun. It’s been in development for many years and it certainly it’s really well tweak it’s got a nice sound track, get sound effects and you’re just following of these little guys they’re set here. Keep this game away from your work computer. It’s extremely, extremely addictive. XMoto just goes to show that a game does not necessarily have to have awesome 3D graphics to be fun and addictive. This is just a riot and I can believe you know you just spend an hour to sit in front of it and be like— where did the time go. Basically, it’s got a Physics Engine that you try to get this Motorcycle to go through the loops and to go the track and make it to the end without bashing your head off and stuff without driving your motorcycled in the spiky things and I basically just trying to keep yourself up right. It’s just an absolute joy to play. It’s just a lot of fun and it’s called XMoto. Scorched 3D is another fun one and it’s multi player. This is one not a basically is like scorched earth back in the early days of computer gaming and if you remember that one it’s a lot of fun. You just kind of use angles and Physics and gravity and velocities and you try to blow up your opponent using pretty cool graphics certainly a 3D interface and it’s much more sophisticated than the older version of the game and it’s again absolutely free for synaptic. Check it out its old sports of 3D. [Demonstration] The First Person Shooter that I want to look at tonight is called open arena and of course it’s based on Quake Arena but the difference here it’s a bit open sort so that means not only the free as in the price. You don’t’ have to pay for it but its also a free as in freedom the code is distributed absolutely free, you can manipulate it if you want, if your software developer you’re open to do that. A lot of things are like that and Linux and this is no exception, it’s open arena and it’s a lot of fun. Game play is not quite as sophisticated to some of the newer games but it is very nostalgic and the graphics are pretty cool as you can see. Definitely I give one for that magic you want to go whole’s on that. You can change up our death match just a little bit by making everybody look like a cartoon that’s pretty cool that is called War saw, its another one that is very reminiscent of the old unreal tournament style game played but it’s got stay a different graphics, everything looks like its faced out of the 3D cartoon. It’s very cool a lot of fun and certainly good for having a couple of friends over and playing head to head death match. [Demonstration] Now you’ve heard me say unreal tournament a couple of times now and why do I keep mentioning that game it’s old, it’s from 1999 but it is a classic and of course these days people who used the play on real tournament back in the days of the early death match we’re looking for something similar. Why? Because LAN parties don’t always have 12 people we can’t always justify the huge maps that some of the games have. So games like unreal tournament were great back then when we only had two or four players because the maps are relatively small and it’s fun to play. Nixies is probably the closest that I’ve found in synaptic package manager to the original unreal tournament game of the year edition. It’s a lot of fun the maps are not huge and the game played is excellent. It’s great for smaller Wan parties or if you just want to go head end with the couple of people online, it’s a lot of fun it’s Nixies and it’s available for free in synaptic package manager. And the final game for tonight’s presentation is called Tremulous it is incredibly open source. It totally expected game to be use a commercial piece of software to get pick up of your local superstar but it’s completely free and install it directly through synaptic package manager just like every other game that you’ve seen here tonight. Tremulous is amazing the game play is great it is a collaborative and cooperative game play kind of game it’s one on one teams and of course you’ve got the human side and the alien side. The aliens are more reminiscent of super mutant’s spiders and coping about the Tremulous is that they’ve taken the Physics and the 3D one step further than any other first person shooter by allowing the Spiders to climb on the walls and on the ceiling. It’s very cool add some new dimension to the game and it’s so much fun if you got several people or if you want to just connect through online game playing and get a bunch of people on the internet and be able to play head to head with Tremulous. If anyone’s ever told you there’s no good games for Linux you can laugh at them because you’ve just seen it right here and you can respond with there are good games for Linux and they’re free and they’re easier to install than on any other Operating System using Synaptic Package Manager. Users of the Ubuntu and other Linux Operating Systems will find that under System and the Administrator. For more information on this and other technologies surrounding Linux, Windows and General Technology visit our website at Category5.TV. I’m Robbie Ferguson for Category5 technology TV.