Eighteen Linux Games in Synaptic - Part 1/2
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Comprehensive advice on your computer and software problems and questions, this video will focus on the eighteen Linux games in synaptic - part 1/2.


Eighteen Linux Games in Synaptic - Part ½ Every single game that you’re about to see is available absolutely free on Ubuntu Linux and it is installed directly through a synaptic package manager. Some of the games that we’re about to show you do contain violence and they’re not appropriate for young players. [Demonstration] Now let’s take a look at 18 of the best games that are available in Synaptic Package Manager. First stop on our list of Arcade Style Video Games in Linux is a game called Emilia Pinball. Now you can probably tell from the name this game is essentially Pinball graphic aren’t anything and really to write home but it is very easy to install using Synaptic Package Manager. And it’s absolutely free so that’s said and of course if you are a little bit of an arcade junky if you like those old schools style pinball video games. Emilia Pinball is definitely one you’re going to want to install. I stink with Tetris as you can see I’m the player on the left but it is very fun game and it’s certainly as nostalgic and if you like it L Tris is probably one of the better ones for Linux available through a Synaptic Package Manager. Next step is an old school style side scrolled game called Abuse. A little bit reminiscent of the old any S game Contra and it is definitely is a fun one if you’re into the side scroller kind of game. Don’t’ worry we’re going to be getting in to the first person shooters and just a few moments. What stimulated Arcade would be complete without a game like frozen bubble. Of course the object of this game to line up the color bubbles. Ingenious, so if you got a red bubble in your hand you want to hit another red bubble and get rid of those bubbles. Sounds of line off but it is extremely addictive and you want to install this on your Linux box. It is called frozen bubble and available through Synaptic Package Manager. Now I’m trying to date my self here but I do remember as we led playing the game called nibbles. I used to play it on GW Basic and then later on QBasic and then Quick Basic where I could finally compile it as an exe file and share with my friends how cool was that based on the nibbles idea came a movie called Tron in the 80’s. And of course based on that movie came a whole bunch of cool Arcade Games where your driving a super cycle around the rink and trying to cut off your opponent. Armagetron is the natural evolution of that ware open GL Graphics take over and we’ve got a little bit of a 3D look going on and we can play with up to four players. And of course the concept is exactly the same your super bike leaves a trail behind it and you use that trail to try to cut off your opponent in order t win. Very cool game it’s available for free for through synaptic package manager in Ubuntu Linux. Now we’re going to take a look at some games that are based on you guest it real games. Now why is it that one of the most requested games that I ever get to work is Solitaire. Everybody wants to have Solitaire on the computer and they want It to be really good they want to be able to play Free cell, they want to be able to play Spider and traditional Solitaire all within one platform. Now, I know riot Solitaire is one of the better ones that I’ve seen for Linux and it’s available for free through Synaptic Package Manager. Of course as you can see on the screen here we’re able to switch the type of game and I will write contains and approximately I have encountered but approximately 28 Billion different types of Solitaire and you can just choose it from that list and we see that there is Spider as well as Free Cell. And the basic Solitaire as well which is the only one that I really understand but as I understand it people like to play all different types of Solitaire. You know I love to play some meatball every now and then but the truth is I don’t like going to the pool hall, why is it because I stink. I’m horrible I don’t like people laughing at me either. I know there’s just something about me I don’t like to be laughed up in public places especially. So anyways it’s nice to get my billiards on with FooBilliard on my Linux box and I maybe able to play my favorite game of eight ball by myself with the computer opponent player or you can also play through the internet with one of my friends. Very cool program and certainly a great 3D rendering of a pool table and it should be noted as well that there are couple of other 3D pool tables that are available for Linux. I find a FooBillard has the best interface so when I’m playing at I may be able to use my mouse and keyboard effectively and it feels like you know I can just get it in on the game and just have a fun time. That’s FooBillard available for free through Synaptic Package Manager but what just happens that can’t be right. Now aside from frozen bubbles and Solitaire, I think there’s one of the game that absolutely every computer should come free and installed with and that’s the game of chess. Now I’m not talking about those Wimpy top looking birds eye view kind of things. I ‘m talking about 3D awesome chess, this happens to be my favorite from Synaptic Package Manager it’s installable absolutely free and it’s called Brutal Chess TEI as quite intelligent and it certainly runs quiet quickly. I’ve seen other chess games where when you’re playing against the computer opponent it can take a while. That’s run quite fast and it’s also playable for two players as well. Brutal chess is available from Synaptic Package Manager.