Eebee Plays with Paper
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Eebee plays with paper and creates fun wrapping items for small paper bags.


Juli Auclair: Hi everybody! I am Juli Auclair; I'm here with Steven Gass, the creator of Eebee's adventures. Great to have you back. Steven Gass: Great to be back. Juli Auclair: And my friend Eebee. Hi Eebee! And today Eebee is going to take us on another great adventure, this time we're talking about paper. Steven Gass: Paper, right at party time, lots of paper, lots of boxes we have all heard that great saying that baby preferred the box to the gift inside. Juli Auclair: Always. Steven Gass: I'm going to tell you what that's all about with Eebee. Eebee let's take a piece of paper and we can crinkle it, we can make it to a ball. That's what the baby Meth looks like. Now we have two pieces. In boxes we can put the leads on and off, we can shake things out. Juli Auclair: So who needs the present Steven? Steven Gass: I think we just -- Juli Auclair: We just take a bag of paper, right and this could time of the year. Steven Gass: Any time of the year. Juli Auclair: Eebee you want to pull that out, here we go, and wow that's fun. What a great idea, Eebee, Steven thank you so much for coming by. It always fun playing with you and for more great idea you can go to, we'll see you soon.