Eebee Plays with a Mystery Box for Halloween
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Eebee gets to test his senses with a special Halloween mystery box.


Juli Auclair: Hi everybody! I'm Juli Auclair, here with my Steven Gass, the creator of Eebee's adventures and Eebee, my little buddy, how are you doing? It's Halloween time and it's a great time to have fun with your baby. We've got a cool way to do it, starting with the mystery box. Steven Gass: Mystery box; it's a classic Halloween game, we get a box with a couple holes in it and what we're going to do is we're going to put also to step in for Eebee and babies to explore the textures. So we get some Pasta. Juli Auclair: And other things like Jell-O. Steven Gass: We've got Jell-O, we've got a wet sponge, and we even have a rubber glove with some water in it. Juli Auclair: Okay, what's next? You out your hand in? Steven Gass: We put our hand in; Eebee put your hand in and feel this. The important thing to remember this is a great time for language play. It's wet and its cushy and its wiggly and it's gooey. Juli Auclair: Oh what a great idea, Steven and Eebee thanks so much let me put my hand; oh it's cushy in there. Thank you so much for coming and play with me, hope you both have a happy Halloween and for more with Eebee you can check out Eebee's line of DVD's or you go to our website See you soon.