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This video looks into the different toys that are available for children and focuses on the educational toys made by Leap Frog.


Christine-Ockrent: Hi! Welcome to I'm your host Christine and today we'll be taking look at toys that are not only spark your child's curiosity but will educate them too. Leap Frog is one of the more trusted name in educational toys. How have you stayed on top? Anne-Laure Larson: Every toy that you see here have been like tested to the children, have been tested by parents and also developed by specialist, from Didi to the shelf. Christine-Ockrent: How does a parent select an educational toy for their child? Anne-Laure Larson: You have to look for quality for making sure that the product is going to be safe for your child, that is appropriate to the age of your child. You have to make sure that the toy is going to last for while and that your child is not going to be bored, and he is going to be engaged with the game, with the toy. Christine-Ockrent: How does the parent know if the toy is working and if the child is learning? Anne-Laure Larson: You can know if your child is learning by seeing him going through the different levels, all physical games here, have three levels. So if you see your child going from level one to level two, you know that your child is learning. Christine-Ockrent: When should a parent introduce educational toys? Anne-Laure Larson: Parents can introduce educational toy at birth but most of our products actually start at six months old when the child is starting to touch things and discover that he has a surrounding. As it's under belly he is going to hear some music and see some lights. Which encourage have to develop some other skills and also see the colors and hear songs in English and French.