Eating Healthy at the Workplace - Snacks Part 2
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How to Eat Healthy at the Workplace - How do I stop snacking if it is part of work life?


Female Speaker: How do I stop snacking if it is a part of work life? Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak: The office is often a place where snacks just seem to be in abundance. There is a candy dish, there is the birthday cake, there is a free lunch, there is a lunch that's leftover from someone else's meeting, there are someone bringing in some food from home, stuff they do not want to eat at their house. So how do you stop this constant stream of snacking that really ends up being grazing throughout the day? Snacks are no longer snacks if it turns into this grazing occasion and that never really stops. So what can we do to stop snacking? Well, certainly, we can do some planning ahead, meaning we can plan what we plan to eat that day. We can come up with exactly what we want to bring for our lunch but at the same time that doesn't mean we wouldn't be tempted by all the other snacks that are available in the office. Pick wisely, choose how to spend your calorie budget to perfection. Know what is worth, the calories in terms of the snacking, no it is not. Know when you are hungry and when you are not. One tip that I have for hunger is do you feel like you just finished Thanksgiving dinner and you ate it at two family member's houses, are you literally starving? You never want to be at one end of the spectrum or the other. You actually want to be somewhere in the middle, somewhere where you are feeling just fine.