Eating Advice for Multiple Pregnancy
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Dr. Cook explains if a woman is supposed to eat more and exercise less when pregnant with multiple babies.


Eating Advice for Multiple Pregnancy Well, when you are talking about a multiple gestation, it’s a pregnancy and beyond and so most of our recommendations are kind of for pregnancy and beyond. So nutrition-wise, you don’t necessarily need to double or triple your caloric intake, but there is going to be an increased caloric intake which is mostly small frequent meals. There is going to be certain amount of additional iron support or supplementation, other vitamin including folic acid support and supplementation, and then from an activity standpoint, generally we think less is more in that situation, that we try to reduce the activity to what degree we can without trying to make a woman feel bedridden or house-confined. So they can maintain their normal lifestyles as long as there’s no evidence of premature shorting of the cervix or preterm labor, but we do advise exercising general caution.