Easy Ways to Plan Vacations Online #2 - Cheap Flight and Hotel Packages
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Using free web services it's easy to be your own travel agent and to get exactly the travel package you want. Bundling hotel, flight and even car rental together you can save money too. Finding the best price for your travel and accommodation means money left over to visit the best restaurants and attractions when you reach your destination, which we'll cover in tomorrow's installment of Easy Ways to Plan Amazing Vacations.


You can use free services on the web to compare prices from multiple airlines, hotels and car rental agencies. Here I am on Expedia.com. You can choose to look for just flight or package deals. A lot of times you can save like booking flights and hotels together so I’ll try that. Choose if you're going to one or two locations and then enter in your departing and arriving cities and your travel dates. Now, search for pricing. Expedia will show you pricing per person with the total including the flight. So, 628 is the total for two people and it's 314 per person for flight and hotel. You can start by Expedia picks, price, hotel name, city, star rating or traveler opinion. And here’s how much you saved. Pricing gives a little more bit of an option when searching for hotels, so I'm doing just about the same kind of search but just for a hotel. Click on search and you get similar results. But you can sort things by price and star rating, but if I don’t find a price that I'm happy with then I can name my own price. You can choose an area in which you’d like to stay. You can select a star rating at the hotel of your choice and then just enter in what price per night you want to pay. Enter in your details and click on next. Now, the captured naming your own price on price line is that you don’t get to select the exact hotel you’ll be staying at. You will be guaranteed to be in the area selected and have the star rating you want but it may not be the exact hotel you want. So, after you enter in all of your information and then your credit card information, if your price is accepted then your card will be charged and you’ll receive your details for your trip. This also works with flights and rental cards and the same details apply. Thanks for watching and don’t miss the next episode in the easy ways to plan amazing vacation series.