Easy Ways to Plan Vacations Online #1 - Find Cheap Flights Online
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The first step in planning an amazing vacation is finding a flight. Molly McDonald shows some easy ways to get the cheapest flights if your travel dates are flexible. If your dates are less flexible, for example you have to travel on the weekend, there are still some great deals to be had.


A great way to compare flight prices is to visit Kayak.com. Here, you can simply enter in your from into locations and immediately a calendar will pop up showing you fares by date. This can let you know the best date to fly if your schedule is flexible. It shows that flying on a Monday is about $65.00 cheaper than flying the next day. If you want to travel on a weekend and you have flexible travel dates then click on the weekend option. This opens up a pricing page where you can compare prices of flying on different weekends, so if I just wait until the next weekend, I’ll save about $140.00 and so on. There are all sorts of customizing options here. Just choose what you need like certain departure or rival times or even a specific airline. After you’ve found your price, you can simply continue on to book your flight. Another great way to compare prices is with being travel. Again, enter in your departing and arriving airports and you can choose to include nearby airports if you want to get the best pricing. Select your dates of travel and then click on search place. The interesting thing about being is that it will give you an indication if prices are going up, if they're going to drop or if you should buy now. If you're logged into your bank account then you can track fares by setting up an alert. You can also view the fare history to track old prices. Thanks for watching and don’t miss the next episode in easy ways to plan amazing vacations.