Easy and Spicy Southwest Chili
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Rachael Ray serves up 30 Minute Meals for fast, easy and delicious cooking. Try this delicious Southwest Beef and Black Bean Chili for a tasty meal.


Hi there! I’m Rachael Ray and I make 30-minute meals. Now that means in the time it takes you to watch this program, I have made a delicious and healthy meals from start to finish. Today I’m putting together two of my favorite things, southwestern food and brunch. I’m going to whip up a spicy and satisfying meal that you could really enjoy anytime of the day. Oh chili, I love chili. This one’s going to be a nice ground sirloin chili, couple of pepper, sweet and a hot one, a little parsley. I’m good to go for now I think. I’m going to go ahead and get the meat right in the packs so I don’t have to worry about it. Beautiful lean ground sirloin. And don’t forget brunch is a derivative of breakfast and lunch, right? So you got to make something hearty. Don’t just go with all the egg products and I don’t know flapjacks and French toast. You can go ahead and have something spicy and substantial like a chili going on. Just coating the bottom of the pot here with some EVOO, slide my meat in there. I’m just going to get that working a little. Spice it up and then go ahead and season it up with some Worcestershire sauce because it’s ground sirloin. And I love Worcestershire sauce on sirloin steaks so why not put it in the chili. Sort of things I love about chili is you can be still creative with it, you know, you can make it a thousand different ways. We’ll heat it with some salt and pepper. Then go a palm-full of chili powder going in there. Oh yeah, smells great. I like the dark Mexican chili powder, wonderful. And I like a little extra smoky flavor on mine so I’m going to give it a good amount of ground cumin. Oh so fragrant, love that. That’s a good start I think. Let’s break that up a little more so it can brown evenly for me. Cool! Okay, now I’m going to work on my onions here; need it twice, chop it once and I need it for a couple of things. I’ m going to go ahead and do some dice for my chili and some slice for my egg pie. There are so many reasons to make a brunch if you want to entertain. First of all it’s day time so if you have friends with kids, you don’t have to get a cider; they can bring the kids right along and you know it’s really casual; it’s a casual meal to share with your friends. Everybody’s going to be really relaxed. It’s an easy thing for people to bring things too. They can just bring some sweet rolls or breads and it makes it affordable for everyone; both the people attending the brunch and the people throwing the brunch, you know. Because these are not expensive foods; egg pies and chilies and things, it could do a lot of stretching of the buck, entertaining this way. Get my onions in there. Now my chili is already beautifully put together here. I’ve got all the meat ground up and, oh it’s ground up, it’s already ground up when you bring it home from the store I hope. I’ve got it all browned up and seasoned with cumin and a lot of chili powder and a little Worcester sauce because it’s ground sirloin. And I got a little garlic in there, jalapeno and sweet red pepper because I’m going to add black bean so I want it the red against the black. I’m just adding a little beef stock here to make it —taste liked it’s simmered all day; that’s a great trick for quick cooking; adding a little stock. A couple more cans opened and the chili’s on and what, like ten minutes, it’s another great thing about chili manage; it comes together so quick for you. Two cans of black beans for this because I’m making a big old powdered chili for my brunch. Just going to drain those off the touch in the old garbage bowl and get those right in there. When you get down to the bottom of the can, give them a scrape because you got a lot of good thickening agent down there; the beans at the bottom. There we go. Okay, that’s done. A little tomato sauce and diced tomatoes and this is all set. I add one small can of tomato sauce to this because tomato sauce has a little sugar in it; it sweetens it up; touch. A little bit tomato sauce and I have the diced tomatoes to give it a little texture. And there you go. Done. All that’s left to do with this is drop the heat down a little and let those flavors all combine. Then you can adjust your seasonings but you got to let it cook together. Okay, now I’m going to ladle up some of my chili. I serve it right off the stove so it stays nice and warm. It is a brunch so you want to have something substantial right? This is a great offering; black beans, ground sirloin, got it spiced with chili powder and cumin and the Worcestershire sauce, absolutely a beautiful chili.