Easter Seals Autism Services Center
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This video from BetterTV shows you the Easter Seals Autism Services Center.


Easter Seals Autism Services Center Host: Better takes on a very important cause, we teamed up with Easter Seals to help families with autism and we really could use your help. We're going to show you how I can help in just a minute but first here's what we learned about autism during a recent trip to Dallas. There's nothing like the sight of happy children smiling and playing and learning but there's more to these children than meets the high. They've all been diagnosed with autism. Female: Autism is developmental disabilities and people with autism have challenges in the area of communications, socialization, and restricted and repetitive behavior and manifest differently in every person, so every person with autism is unique. Host: Unique children have unique needs so better spent the day and Easter Seals center in Dallas with some very special kids. Autism affects one in every 100 intended children, Easter Seals offers physical, occupational and speech therapy at preschools just like the one that we visited, that's not cheap. Female: Autism is absolutely a health crisis with the prevalence increasing at the rate it is and the lack of services and supports that are available to people with autism, we are absolutely in a crisis. Host: To combat the health crises Easter Seals holds walks all across the country. We laced up for the walk with me event in Dallas. Female: The walk with me event is a wonderful event that Easter Seals champions and local communities to encourage awareness about people with disabilities. Host: Easter Seals doesn't do it alone now they depend on partners like CBS to ensure the success of this great event. Male: We'll CBS and Caremark and Easter seals have been now partnered together for about four years. We have donated or raised many millions of dollars for them. We've had over thirteen thousand walkers and it's been a very successful growth of participation in fantastic. Host: This year's walk in Dallas was a huge success thanks to hundreds of volunteers and to the efforts of CBS employees and their families. Female: The turnout of success was really good today, I saw some people from my store turn out today, and I saw a lot of other CBS colleagues here today. Host: The money they raised will go directly back in their community. Help the kids at the local Easter Seals center with fulfilling and rewarding lives. Female: I think it's really great them get involved with the community. Male: We had a great time with a walk, my kids went along, and we had two miles and a fantastic happy time. Host: That was such a fine day in Dallas and a great cause as well I hope we inspired you to help if you want to find out more about Easter Seals in your local walk with me event, log in to walkwithme.org