Earth Week: Green Computing Solutions #4 - Environmental and Green Blogs
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In honor of Earth Week, Stacy Reed continues the Green Computing series with a look at some of her favorite green-themed blogs. These blogs offer everything from insight into minimizing our respective environmental impact to delicious organic recipes and everything in between.


Earth Week: Green Computing Solutions #4 - Environmental and Green Blogs Hi, there. I’m Stacey Reed and in this video I’d like to introduce you to some sites for green blogs and sites that provide environmental news, interactive media and maybe even some delicious organic recipes too. To start things up let’s take a look at the highly acclaimed mega blog TreeHugger. This upbeat, up-to-the-minute blog is dedicated to bringing green news, solutions and product information to the masses. Whether they come to read a review of the latest hybrid or for the forums and quizzes or for the latest and green fashion trends, there’s no denying that the visitors of the site will find it highly informative and entertaining. With the name like TreeHugger come on what’s not to love. Next stop is No Impact Man which is a blog about one family’s ongoing experiment of leaving in New York City without making any net impact on the environment. That means no trash, no emissions, no elevators, no packaging and no TV. Well you get the idea. Now by attempting to leave the sustainable lifestyle Blogger column can be and explore us ways in which we can all contribute and frequently reflects on deeper issues like the meaning of life, human happiness, and a roses consumers. Definitely, gives the human beings plenty to think about. Now the next site is devoted to ways in which we can help save the planet with new technology. Eco-geek is a collective of bloggers with the passion for green innovations and deals like science, technology, architecture and agriculture. And last up, here’s one of my personal favorites, the Daily Green. This site offers trusted news, advice and information regarding earth-friendly living from global warming to green products and even nutritious seasonal recipes, the Daily Green covers it all. In closing I just like to mention that one of the coolest things about blogs is the blog roll and all of these sites have one. So if you scroll down and you look in the side panel you can find recommendations for similar sites where you can find even more relative information. This is Ben just a sampling of some of the best green sites on the web. It’s encouraging to know that there are many like minded individuals coming together with the dedication to make the road a better place and ways both big and small. This is Stacey Reed for Butterscotch signing out, bye for now.