Earth Day Crafts for Kids
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Earth Day is a great opportunity to get your kids involved - get started on crafting the green way and teach your kids how to do their part.


Audra: Its never too late to early to get the kids involve in saving the planet and Earth Day is a great day to introduce them in to reusing and recycling. But of course, you also have to make it a lot of fun for them. Take a look. Lindsey: You know what recycling is? Kid: You put it in the garbage and then you use it again. Audra: And that’s exactly what kids here at the Craft Studio in Manhattan Upper East Side are learning to do all in celebration of Earth Day. Lindsey: Earth Day is coming up and everybody wants to be green and entertain their kids at the same time. So we did an Earth Day bird feeder and an Earth Day lantern. Audra: All projects are made from old milk cartons covered with leftover paper from the holidays. Lindsey: Wrapping papers, scraps, old Christmas paper, ribbons that you stash in the drawer that you thought you're going to use but its there. Audra: Just glue the paper to the milk carton using non-toxic modpods glue that’s safe for the environment. And then let your creativity unfolds. Lindsey: So you guys can use a tissue paper to make rainbows or flowers or any of that. I think when you kind of make it a hands on and you show them, see we just drank milk out of this, but look what we can do. And it really ingrains in them like how to reuse, and reduce, and recycle. And just that this generation starts being conscious of that, the world would be such a better place in 10-15 years. Audra: Lindsey says any one can get crafty right in their own homes with just a little imagination and some basic supplies. Lindsey: It might seem simple and not as entertaining to an adult, but if you pull out that junk drawer and you see scraps of paper or pipe cleaners. You really don’t need a ton of stuff to have a very creative afternoon. Crayons and markers, glue and scissors and you're golden. You’ll have hours of fun. Audra: Hours of fun that don’t sat around a TV or video game. Lindsey: We know kids are going to be good at technology and we know that they're going to be advance in computers, but there's something to be said about doing stuff with your hands and the kind of motor skills you developed. And just the creativity and where you can go with it. Audra: Once you're done decorating, add bird seed and flower seed and soil and voila. A great addition to any garden or backyard, not to mention a life lesson your kids will remember for years to come. Lindsey: I want them to walk out being excited about recycling. And not only that, but just remembering that something doesn’t have to be brand new to be fun. Good job. Audra: Of course saving the earth isn't just a once a year thing. These projects would be great to do all year long.