Drug Talk and Parenting, the New Rules
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Colorado Springs mother, Trish Nixon talks about how she approached the 'drug talk' with her now 21 year-old daughter. This, as Colorado votes in November on a measure to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. (June 18)


[Location - Date:COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO/ JUNE 18, 2012][Source:AP TELEVISION][VO:]AS MORE AS MORE STATES ALLOW MEDICAL MARIJUANA OR DECRIMINALIZE IT - SOME PARENTS ARE FINDING IT HARDER AND HARDER TO HAVE 'THE TALK' ABOUT DRUGS. AT A PICNIC IN COLORADO SPRINGS, ONE MOTHER TALKS ABOUT HOW SHE HANDLED THE CONVERSATION WITH HER DAUGHTER WHO IS NOW 21.[SOT/:TRISH NIXON/MOTHER]``How I approach it with my kids has probably changed as they've gotten older. Cause when they were young, I'd always told them it's illegal, don't use it. And I would still tell them that. But I can talk to them more now because they're older and we can have discussion about things in a broader view.'' HER DAUGHTER KRISTA FIRST AVOIDED TALKING TO HER ABOUT DRUGS, BUT SHE EVENTUALLY CAME AROUND. [SOT/:KRISTA NIXON/DAUGHTER]``When my mom said something about it and I kind of said, `OK mom,'' just to kinda get her to stop talking at that point, and then I saw my friends in that situation and I said, `she actually knows what she's talking about,' and I can have conversations with her about it.''SINCE COLORADO LEGALIZED MEDICAL MARIJUANA IN 2000, PARENTS HAVE WALKED A FINE LINE AS THEY TRY TO EXPLAIN THE PERILS OF DRUG USE. NIXON HAS TACKLED THE TOPIC HEAD-ON, DESPITE HER EVOLVING POSITION.[SOT/:TRISH NIXON/MOTHER]``Personally there's an objection to it like there is to it same as it is to alcohol. You know, anything that you're going to use that's going to change your personality or that you're going to depend on to bring you to that kinda of high has a moral objection.'' COLORADO IS AMONG SEVENTEEN STATES WHERE MEDICAL MARIJUANA IS LEGAL, MAKING THESE GREEN LEAFED MARIJUANA ADS AND 'FREE JOINT' PROMOTIONS A COMMON FIXTURE ACROSS COLORADO SUBURBS.[SOT/:KRISTA NIXON/DAUGHTER]``I think it was mostly just part of a conversation, you know if we saw an ad on TV or something sometimes I was curious and I'd just ask her or she'd see the ad on TV or in the newspaper and be like, 'Oh, this is, you know' and she'd make her comment about it and how she felt about the situation and then sometimes I would ask for more detail or sometimes she would give me more detail.''[SOT/:TRISH NIXON/MOTHER]``They're going to make decisions on their own but at least if they know where you stand they can, you might be able to guide them in the path you think is a good one.'' COLORADO VOTERS WILL BE VOTING THIS NOVEMBER ON WHETHER TO FURTHER LEGALIZE THE RECREATIONAL USE OF MARIJUANA.(****END****)