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Dr. 90210 and Kelly Rutherford join Audra Lowe to discuss the latest in radical beauty treatments, such as a secret weapon for the results of plastic surgery, without going under the knife.


Audra Lowe: Most of us women out there would love to drop a dress size or two sometimes without going under the knife for spending countless hours at the gym but we all know that's really it is not a reality right, wrong Dr. Rey okay Dr.90210 he dint have a enough of us last he was here back he is un releasing his secrets he is our studio along with Gossip Girls Kelly Rutherford they are both here to help all this women at their look and feel like a bucks without spending it, a million bucks right, welcome back and welcome to the show. Dr. Rey: Thank you very muck. Kelly Rutherford: Thank you Audra Lowe: Yeah, I know you could stay away and I saw the email I was talking with us. Dr. Rey: Stil the hug and the -- come on baby come on. Audra Lowe: Sorry Kelly. Dr. Rey: Having shares as we ran over Kelly. Audra Lowe: Yeah, the shaper line is taken off sit crazy right. Dr. Rey: Yes, its 40 million last year a world wide from Brazil to Spain to Australia everywhere and I think it make I think I know why it's been so successful because it provides an option a less radical option to this. Audra Lowe: That thing would scary. Dr. Rey: We stick this whole thing in womens belly buttons. Kelly Rutherford: Oh my god. Dr. Rey: To do breast augmentation or tummy tuck I put about 150-- into a sutures into your muscle or liposuction can be all over the body the idea is America surgeons are very good we come along ways but the necropathy power that human body are amazing, so what we are saying is Bernice Kravey design this line wonderful designer is put on shape were today, take your -- look how good she looks. Kelly Rutherford: I'm wearing it today look at my stomach review like this. Audra Lowe: Really, she knew some of your secrets from plastic surgery to create this. Dr. Rey: Your -- scars me, we talked about this two years ago you remember. Audra Lowe: I remember. Dr. Rey: Exactly, Kelly if you give your hand here. Kelly Rutherford: Yeah. Dr. Rey: I love this mushy so perfect look but look the idea was she put this have been for ever so now recent to wear all we did was to make it sexy and make it for everyday wear and the idea is we borrowed from plastic surgery inbuilt fashion, here you see a line of stitching same place were I suture when I'm doing a tummy tuck and the idea is to draw all our 50 pieces we borrowed from plastic surgery put into fashion gives women beautiful shape without the downtime of surgery and the reason why we are here this week is of course is fashion of week of course you know fashion weeks vey big, we are launching a special month is America shape up month what we are doing is every shape were by as sears or sears.com you are going to don't want to get out of the house. We are going to contribute to our wonderful organization called Audra Lowe: Planet Hope Dr. Rey: Planet Hope Kelly Rutherford: It was sponsored by Sharon and her sister Kelly. Audra Lowe: That's great and you are helping a lot of women self esteemed issues are a big deal you know but they are seeing you and you were like you were said that you wear the lien as well to your are on camera people see you plank really and gossip girls well. Do women come out you with questions and ask you things like are you really wearing that underneath. Kelly Rutherford: My mom and her friends do, they cal be like were did you get those shoes hoe do that dress look so good, as she is my person she knows how do look like. Audra Lowe: Exactly Kelly Rutherford: And she loves in all the secrets, so it's fantastic. Audra Lowe: You guys have been hanging out for a while promoting a line to having your time. Dr. Rey: Yes, you know very important thing Audra, sometimes women will say well I see the women in magazine covers a perfect, I'm not perfect, let me tell you this learned dressed 30,000 of the most beautiful women on earth. Kelly Rutherford: And his wife Mercy which is the most. Audra Lowe: And she is stil there. Dr. Rey: Listen the first thousand most women the wife gets nervous they check in thousand of wife's they are little less nervous but 30,000 they doesn't even care. The point ladies is this I don't want to feel bad, why every women are they weren't dressed in Hollywood that one little thing you didn't like, may be little botch here or little say like here. Kelly Rutherford: We all do that. Dr. Rey: The dress are little droopy so it's normal to have a little flaw so curves are in ladies but the little botches are not and it will say ladies not so, -- were is going to do a wave its going to hide those little problems. Audra Lowe: Its fantastic and you don't get any panty lines? Kelly Rutherford: Yeah, there is 50 pieces so you know what everywhere you are wearing you are covered. Audra Lowe: Well congratulations to you guys. Dr. Rey: From this two sears to the breast and you know what you are kind of raising these radical sergeants like gastric bypass. Kelly Rutherford: And this is like princess ear and like this. Audra Lowe: And it's very too much to appear. Well thank you both of you coming by the studio. Dr. Rey: Thank you very much ladies. Audra Lowe: Thank you so much to you as well come back anytime. Dr. Rey: You've been very support to us, thank you. Audra Lowe: Okay if you guys want to Dr. Rey: Sears.com Audra Lowe: Thank you so much sears.com is were you can pick up the line or you can also check online you could find it anywhere definitely will change your life.