Drivers Finding the Pump Less Painful
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Thomas Richer of St. Francis, Wisconsin owns a roofing company and is able to work less thanks to the money he saves with lower gas prices. (June 22)


MILWAUKEEJUNE 22, 20121. Wide of station2. Medium of two people filling up 3. Wide of Thomas Richer, of St. Francis, Wis., filling up4. SOUNDBITE: Thomas Richer, who owns a roofing business. "Gas prices weeks ago were so high, I was only putting $5, $6 in my truck, and we were doubling up. Now they are coming down in price and this is the first time I ever put $50 in my truck.. I don't even know how to act. Now I can drive all over the place for awhile and go on a Sunday trip."5. Richer walking from gas station6. Tight of Richer's receipt7. SOUNDBITE: Thomas Richer: "Puts more money in my pocket. Now I can go buy a couple other things now, like some new boots. I've been waiting for that for awhile. And these prices, every time you drive by, $3.39 you're kind of shocked like, 'What's going on?' So I think everybody's pulling into the gas station putting gas in. You see little more smiles on a lot more people, I'll tell ya."8. Tight of boots9. Medium shot of Richer driving away10. Medium of gas prices11. Tight of prices