Drinks at Snack Time
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The convenience of a juice boxes can't be beat but the sugar is out of control! Look for reduced sugar content in the juice you select for your kids But here is an idea, how about just drinking water at snack time!


Welcome back to Gear Daddy, I am your host Daddy Troy. This whole week at Dadlabs we have been talking about snacks. Today specifically we are going to talk about drinks at snack time and our whole week has been sponsored by Boon, Innovations for Modern Parents. We are giving away a whole bunch of boon swag at the end of the episode, so stick around. It can't be the convenience of juice boxes, little hands can hold them well, you can freeze them ahead of time, they travel easily, and if all goes right the kid will actually throw them in the trash if he or she has done so, you don't have to. But there are some serious drawbacks. First being these straws end up going everywhere and you'll lose them. Secondly, kids squirt them on themselves accidentally. But the biggest drawback of all is the amount of sugar in these things. This particular juice box right here has 26 grams of sugar. Check it out, that is 61/2 sugar cubes. The same size for me, this can of cola is six sugar cube, that's incredible. So I have a solution for you. Guess what the solution is? Juice boxes, right the solution -- the point that this juice box right here Mott's has reduced the amount of sugar in this particular juice box. It only has 13 grams, and as you can see, that's about half the amount of sugar that you've find in that first juice box we looked at. This particular bag of juice right here was more like flavored water has only 2 grams of sugar and it's going to bag all the sugar go with a juice box that has no juice in it. This is simply flavored water, zero calories, zero grams of sugar, just flavored water. Now if you don't want to buy these small packages, you are a little bit worried about filling up the lentil, all the stuff that's not recyclable, you can buy larger containers of your own juice and possibly water it down on your own. It may taste a little weird to you at first if you've never had watered down juice, the kids get used to it really, really quickly. Now one of my biggest suggestions though is to get rid of all the store box stuff completely. Get them out of the way and instead do something with your kids to make your own juice. Go to the store, buy some products for you kid, have him or her pick it out and get one of these juicers. Now you've got to be careful with little hands. My kid loves running this juicer. They may go out and make their own juice, add their own amount of sugar and it's a product that he or she has created and they have their own investment. But I have my best solution of all for drinks at snack time, and that is, simply go with water. In my kids' school, they are no-juice school, they don't allow juice on the playground or in the classrooms. Instead what they do is they set out a tray just like this, every kid's cup is out there with a name on it and they have a cooler full of water, and what they do, the kids self selects when they want to go and drink. They know when they are thirsty. Now of course you've got to keep an eye on them, to make sure they are not overheating or anything but the kids get used to take the control of their own destiny. Now I notice some of you have been worried we have been doing, we did a piece about BPA plastic. Some of you have been worried about plastic and your kids drinking plastic. So I have got another solution there - uh-oh, but first people like Boon are actually paying attention to that right now. This sippy cup by Boon is BPA free, it's PVC free. So people are really starting to pay attention to that. But if you want to go to whole glass-proof. I got these glasses from Ikea. They are really, really strong, they are made of plastic, my kids have been using this glass, only broken one of them in the past six months, and my little daughter who is really young, loves her cute little glass that she gets to drink out of. Well, that's all this week for Gear Daddy. Remember this whole week has been sponsored by Boon, Innovations for Modern Parents, and we are giving away a bunch of Boon stuff. So go to dadlabs.com up or right-hand part of the screen. Click on Dadlabs Crib. If you register there you are automatically registered for the Boon giveaway and also if you are interested in juice boxes, don't forget to go to dadlabs.com and look for the Juice Box Taste Test that Daddy Brad and Daddy Clay did. It's really, really funny. We will see you next week on Gear Daddy and all week along on dadlabs.com.