Dreamweaver 8 - How to Compare the Sites Used in the Training
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Learn how to compare the sites used in training in Dreamweaver 8.


My goal in this advance training is to save you from pounding your head on your keyboard or at least pounding your head on your keyboard is often, by showing you a variety of ways to create complex designs for the web. We will do that by building two websites in vary different ways. First, we will build the one you see here with all this beautiful scuba photos using advance table features to create the layout and css to control formatting and margins. Then we will create this site. I just used ALT+Tab to switch between the two browsers that I have opened. That is command+tab if you are on a Mac. This is a site I built with a graphic designer who wanted to create a portfolio and wanted to be able to use layers so that she could do things like overlap this little doll with the red hat. Notice this doll is actually on one layer with a transparent background and this red hat which is really a Yamica sits behind it. You can do tricks like that using layers and the Z index which lets you control which layer is on top of another. Since I know there is a good chance that a lot of you who are watching this are designers yourself and might need your own portfolio site, I thought this would be a good example. But if you are working for Mabel or you want a sell Ferraris or you just want to put your kids’ photos online this weekend. The skills you learned and the designs for both of these sites will apply to any project you might create. This portfolio site was created using Dreamweavers layers feature which allows very precise positioning, it allows you to overlap elements like this logo is actually on top of the green and white image that is behind it and if you apply behavior so layers, you can create interactive features like this rollover and lots of more complex ones. We will get to all that when we talk about layers and designing this website. But first, I want to give you a little background and maybe a little refresher to get you ready and help you appreciate why you might use one this design options over another.