Dragon Age: Origins - The Creatures of Dragon Age: Part 2
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More details on the efforts taken to create the ogres, dragons and other terrifying creatures are revealed in The Creatures of Dragon Age: Part 2!? The video gives a deep look into the rendering and animation required to bring opponents to life.


Shane Hawco The job of the character artists is to take concepts and interpret in to 3D models for the world. My personal favorite creature that I got to work in Dragon Age Origins was the Dark Spawn Ogre. Male1 We tried to make the Ogre so terrifying in his appearance that the player wouldn’t believe that he could actually beat it in combat. Male2 I was really looking forward to the concept was very unique and it was a bit of challenge actually brings it into the 3D environment with the different elements. Male3 It might seem like a strange thing to shave when working on a fantasy game but realism is very important part of this project. If you don’t believe that they are real, then, none of it affects you, it’s nothing. Male1 I mean, the level of detail on this creature is amazing. You can zoom right in to, any part of them for any angle and they look absolutely fabulous. Shane Hawco So, here we have the Pride demon, it’s a little largest creatures in the game. From this concept will make a 3D concept out of it. Once we do that will take this basic gnash and will go ahead and paint a really detailed sculpted model. We’ll take this and we make rejections. We can get all this little details into a texture and implies that texture on to the—and you’ll get your finished model with all its texture and color. Clove Roy Making a creature scary is more that just making a big, it’s really the way the creature moves that indicates it’s strength, it’s mass, and it’s body. Shane Hawco Animation is just really about performance and the same way that it actually get prepared for a role, learning, studying what this character thinks, what this character feels. It’s the animator’s desire, it his job to bring that to the character in a more digital form. The great thing about working on Dragon Age is that the animators have the ability to start bringing not only human characters to life, but also larger characters more interesting dynamic characters like dragons, ogres, and the Undead. So, this is what the Ogre puppet looks like once the rigging and models have finished working with it. Now, the animators can take it and start making it move. John Santos Sometimes we rig, just act it out, like get upand physically act that out how like an Ogre would move. Shane Hawco As you can see, when the Ogre hits the ground, his entire body shakes from the massive impact of his size and that’s a really nice detail. You see the Ogre finally in the game and working and animating and although its terrifying glory is actually—it’s quite surreal. Male3 When you’re working in such a big creative team, everyone is coming to the table with their own style, with their own techniques and as the development process goes along and you start building a world together, it becomes one language. And that language becomes something like Dragon Age Origins.