Dr. Gadget on LED Skateboards & Free Swag – 2011 Grammys Guided by TurboTax
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http://turbotax.intuit.com Doctor Gadget interview presented by TurboTax, your official guide to the Grammys 2011, with an exclusive look at Radiant Skateboards and free Grammy 2011 swag.


"Shira Lazar: It's Shira Lazar backstage at the Grammys brought to you by Turbo Tax with Dr Gadget The guy with everything. Dr. Gadget: That's right. Shira Lazar: I love gadgets Dr. Gadget: We're giving everything away today. We like that. Shira Lazar: So what are you giving away? Dr. Gadget: Well today, we are giving away to all the DJ's, we are giving away the Beans interactive music player. Shira Lazar: Cool, what does it do? Dr. Gadget: Well it actually allows you to play light with your fingers with laser beams. Shira Lazar: No way. Dr. Gadget: And you can play music. Very Grammy related. Shira Lazar: That's cool. Dr. Gadget: You can create your own little party in your studio or at home. Shira Lazar: Yeah, yeah. Dr. Gadget: You can actually manipulate the light to play with the guitar or the piano so you're strumming the piano, you're strumming the laser beam to make the sound. Shira Lazar: So do you put that into your, or like how do you connect it all? Or you just do it with that? Dr. Gadget: No, you connect it to your laptop. It comes with fifty pre-programmed songs. Shira Lazar: Oh okay Dr. Gadget: We're getting into details. Shira Lazar: That's very cool. Dr. Gadget: It's very good because that's really important, because It's very sophisticated but yet it's very simple because it's a laptop. Plug in and go and then play music and it's been, had an amazing affect with kids with autism. Shira Lazar: That is so great to hear. Dr. Gadget: And then we're giving away the Blue Amp Q2 Wireless. Shira Lazar: Okay. Dr. Gadget: Now you got to be hands free right? Shira Lazar: Yes of course. Dr. Gadget: Okay so these are great because they're all voice activated and you just don't touch anything anymore. So call comes in, says you got a call from Dr Gadget say answer or ignore. You might answer it right? Shira Lazar: Yes. Of course I'd always answer it. Dr. Gadget: Yeah, It's completely voice activated. Which makes it really safe and then these are completely off the hook. Shira Lazar: This is cool. Dr. Gadget: These are the Radiant Skateboards which are LED skateboards. Shira Lazar: This would be cool just to put on your wall. Dr. Gadget: Honestly. This is kind of like, a lot of the DJ's have been saying this is like a disco on wheels, right. Shira Lazar: Yeah. Dr. Gadget: But it is literally brand new. We're putting this on one of the shows on CBS The Talk with Sharon Osborn and Julie Chen. So we're going to put these on Presidents Day so you guys are kind of seeing these before anybody else. Shira Lazar: We got an exclusive look. So where can people get all this stuff? Dr. Gadget: Any of these products, you can go to my site and get hooked up with them. Dr Gadget dot com Spell it out doctor gadget dot com and of course you can go to Radiant, all these companies there, but it's a lot easier just to go there and they'll hook you up. Shira Lazar: Well cool stuff. Thank you so much Dr Gadget. Dr. Gadget: I think we should give some of this stuff away to your viewers. Shira Lazar: Oh yes. Dr. Gadget: Don't you think? Shira Lazar: There you go. Dr. Gadget: You can have this. What a concept. Here's what we're going to do. I'm going to give you guys two skateboards. I’m going to give you two Beans Players. Shira Lazar: Oh my God. Dr. Gadget: Alright. I'm going to give you four Blue Amp Wireless. Shira Lazar: No way. Dr. Gadget: And you give it away to all your viewers and here's what I want them to do. I want them to go on-line and spell out her name backwards and you win. Shira Lazar: Okay, there you go. Dr. Gadget: You don't have to take that if you don't want. [laughter] Shira Lazar: It's all possible or tweet me @shiralazar. Dr. Gadget: There you go. Take the word of the day. Shira Lazar: Take the word of the day. Tweet Dr Gadget to @shiralazar and the first few people who do win some of this stuff. Dr. Gadget: We'll leave it here for you to take. Shira Lazar: Thank you. Dr. Gadget: Is that cool? Shira Lazar: Very cool. Thank you so much. Thanks for being here. Dr. Gadget: My pleasure. Shira Lazar: Sponsored by Turbo Tax. Turbo Tax guides you to every deduction and credit you deserve. "