Dr. Carrillo's Advice for Women Who Miscarried
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Dr. Carrillo shares advice for women who have had a miscarriage.


Dr. Carrillo's Advice for Women Who Miscarried I think the number one question most patients have is what does this mean? I have a miscarriage, is it something that I did? Is it going to happen again? Those are the two most common questions and the first thing to know is that one miscarriage alone does not increase your baseline risk, so then again, the rate of another loss would be about 20 percent. And the other thing to know is that in no way do women cause miscarriages to occur. The biggest point that I try to make with my patients is that if they do have a miscarriage or any type of pregnancy loss, the number one thing to always remember is that it’s not something that they did or didn’t do that caused this. For example, it’s very easy for patients to look back on the first weeks of their pregnancy and ask themselves, is it because I let the dog jump on my lap? Is it because I had that glass of wine? Is it because I cleaned the house, or I went running, or because we had intercourse? Those are common questions and those are common concerns that women somehow cause this event to occur. And clinically without any doubt I can say that pregnancy loss is not something we control.