Dr. Carolyn Dean Talks About Being a Dieting Expert
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Dr. Carolyn Dean, one of Howcast's diet experts, presents herself and her practice.


Hello, my name is Carolyn Dean. I'm a medical doctor and a naturopathic doctor and I live in beautiful Maui. From this location, I have a telephone consulting practice, I manage my online website drcarolyndean.com, I've finished my 22nd health book, I have a free newsletter and I also have an online wellness program that you can join, it's called Future Health Now. I think it's more than diet, though. I tell people about their attitude toward their diet, about their environment, about the personal care products that they use. And the mind-body-spirit connection is so important, it can't be overemphasized. The diet I prefer is a blood-type diet. I also counsel people regularly on yeast overgrowth so, I'm very interested in a yeast-free diet. And I believe in no snacks, lots of water between meals. A lot of basic things that help improve your health and also help you lose weight. And today in this series, I'll be talking about dieting.