Double Chocolate Protein Cookie Recipe - Ep 34 - Made Fit TV
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Rather than taking the approach to deprive yourself until you lose control, replace your chocolate chip cookie recipe with my Double Chocolate Protein Cookies. They contain slow digesting complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, lots of protein, and minimal sugar. Watch this week's Made Fit TV episode to see how simple they are to bake. Print off this recipe below.


Jennifer DiDonato: Hi everyone, welcome to Made Fit TV, I am your host Jennifer DiDonato and this is episode number 34, so thanks so much for joining us. Made Fit is everyone's source for health and fitness information and entertainment. So of course we are not in the gym in the basement like we always are because I like to throw in some recipes, I want to get in the kitchen, because I understand that nutrition is such a huge, huge obstacle to overcome. It is with me, I'll admit it, it's like that with a lot of people. So my goal today is to show you a recipe that can be a good meal or a snack replacement to get great amount ratio of proteins, carbs and fats and lean sources of those proteins to incorporate more into your nutrition plan, because I know as you are working or you may be married, you have to cook diner, you have to pick up the kids, it's hard for you getting those good quality proteins and amino acids. So today is going to be a great recipe for that and it is Double Chocolate Protein Cookies. Okay, don't shut this is off, I know isn't protein, you are thinking, protein cookies, but I guarantee you, they are really great, I've made them before, I make them a lot. And even people that don't like health food like these cookies, so let's get started. For the ingredients, I am going to start off with the wet ingredients first. As you can see, I kind of already measured everything but I'll be going over what is what. We have Splenda brown sugar blend, we got a little bit of wheat flour, oats, choco protein powder of your choice, we got a little bit of chocolate just to add in there, and also we got some three egg whites and of course apple sauce we are using in place of butter. If you haven't heard of that, definitely recommend it, okay. At the first, I am going to start with the eggs. Martha Stewart does this for her eggs where she breaks them in a separate bowl just in case some shells get in there. But I am going to it today because I think I am good, I trust myself. If there is a little bit of crunchiness in there, well I will eat. Next thing we are going to do is, I have a quarter cup Splenda brown sugar blend, I put that in there, you measure it out. You know tightly packed, you can pack it in there. Next thing, pure vanilla extract, we're just going to put in about a teaspoon of the vanilla. It gives a kind of a distinct flavor, just kind of perks them up a little bit. Now one thing, you just want to blend until it's nice and creamy. Now the next thing I want you to do is I want you to gradually add this next ingredients. This is going to be just a quarter of wheat flour. You can get the stuff at any type of grocery store, it doesn't have to be like at a whole food or specialty grocery store, just whole grain or whole wheat flour. It's a lot better than bleached flour, because it's low on the glycemic index. Next thing, the oats, we have three cups of oats. Make sure that these are the -- they are almost like the quick oats because we have that chopped up a little bit smaller, it's easier for them to combine and everything. I just want to kind of mix it a little bit as I go along, just so it doesn't dry up on me. Now we got one cup of chocolate protein powder. It can be the powder of your choice, your favorite kind. Just make sure that it's sugar-free and that there is low fat in there because I know that some protein powders can have a lot of stuff in there, alright. Next thing, I mentioned the applesauce, in place of the eggs, oops! excuse me, I am trying to hurry up you to fit all this in. A quarter of a cup of applesauce, okay, get that in there. I am just going to -- before I let you go for one moment, I am just going to put a dash of cinnamon. Cinnamon gives a little bit of a kick and it's just a different flavor in there and plus also studies show that cinnamon holds you overfill if it longer keeps associated. So it's good to try those out in our recipes. So I am just going to sit here and stir this for about three or four minutes so I will be right back. Now that I worked out my bicep trying to mix this stuff, it's time for fun part, it's time for the chocolate, alright. So I like, I am a big fan of semisweet chocolate morsels, now you can put even dry fruit into this recipe like maybe some dried apples, dried cranberries raisins, whatever. But today I want to make it as familiar to you as possible, that's why I am using the chocolate chips, just a half a cup, half a cup of these. I am just going to put it on in, simple enough and I am going to mix it all together. So now we have everything all mixed in and everything is set with that. I am just going to take a pan and this is going to make, depending on how big you make these cookies, you can make anywhere from 15-20 cookies, I am going to try and shoot for 20 though. I am just going to spray the pan a little bit, but if you have a nonstick cookie pan, cookie sheet. If it's nonstick, you may not have to do this, but I am still waiting on my butter pans so bear with me please. I want you to make a ball, may be about the size of like a silver dollar because it's silvery, okay. Kind of packet in there just like that, just doll up that right onto the cookie sheet. Alright, so I got all the cookies on the sheet and I just have a few, maybe two cookies left worth in that little batch there but this is about 18 cookies on here right now. For all of these, for one of them, estimate if this batch can make about 20 cookies. I am just going to put it up on the screen here for you to see it clearly. Each cookie is about 170 calories. Now I know you are thinking, my gosh, it's lot, but think of the quality of the carbs and proteins that's in here. Get a 170 calories per cookie, three 3.5 grams of fat, which is not bad, 18 carbs, which should be a good serving for you, it's portion controls, we got the oats and the wheat flour in there, 7 grams of sugar and that's pretty good considering that we put a quarter cup of Splenda brown sugar blend in here along with the chocolate chips and then of course, protein which is awesome, it's 13 grams of protein. So you could do -- you can eat one of these either before your workout or after your workout or even in the morning, have one and a half cookies, it'd be a great breakfast or a great meal replacement. So now I am going to stick these in the oven. You preheat for 350, we are going to stick these in here. I am going to have to stick them in for about 10-12 minutes depending on what your oven, how it cooks okay. I would say probably check on these at about nine minutes just to make sure that they are hot burning. I am going to set it for ten. As long as the outside is hard and crisp, then they are done. So see you in a minute when they are out and we will be able to enjoy that. I left it in for about 10 minutes. I already checked them and yeah, they are good. Now what I want you to do those immediately, take them off because you'll notice at first, right off the back, they are going to be sticky from the protein powder, so you want to immediately eliminate any problems. There goes one on the floor, hey, that's alright, that's okay. I got one, see I got one. That one will be for my friend okay. So you just take them off and they might be a little sticky. You can also spray. But I swear, they are really good you guys. Okay here I am going to try them, okay, see alright, let's watch it. You see that? So good, I am going to try it, and you watch me with a mmm face, okay. Joking aside, they are really good. I guess that they are hardy, they have a great ratio of carbohydrates, the fats, the proteins, excuse me, and they are really good for breakfast or a snack just before you go to the gym or after from the ground. Put a couple in a bag and eat them throughout the day. Just only ten at once like we are mentioning just have a couple of day, because you know the sugar, you don't want to have too much. Guys check out my blog if you are not on already. In, I am listing all the ingredients just like I how I mentioned and also all of the nutrients of this recipe and also email me You can also subscribe to all the made fit podcast and iTunes and load right up, put a wire on your podcast, your iPod and listen to it or watch it. Also we are on Viddler, Youtube, check me out on the Facebook because I like to do the live ustream. So you want to know when I am streaming live because I got an audience right now watching because we usually tape sooner. So check me out also on Twitter, I am JennyDiDonato on Twitter and Jennifer DiDonato on Facebook. So once again, thanks so much, I hope you enjoy these, let me know, give me some feedback because I assure I really like them. But I got to get around now to clean this mess up, so I will see you next time on Made Fit TV, thank you so much, bye.