Doing What you Love Can Lead to More then Just Happiness
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Why is it conventional wisdom that leaving a high paying job for a job or career that makes you happy leads to awesomeness but not as much coin? I have a thought on that.


You know so I have been in lot of conversations lately and people are like, heck yeah, Garry you are right. You know if you do what you love who cares about the cash right. The fulfillment of being happy and going to work and doing what you love is so great. You know it's been very common wisdom or it's been brought up quite a bit and kind of confirmed that people that leave high paying jobs should go do what they love and live a more filling life. But what people don't talk about at all, I rarely hear people talk about, this is something I believe immensely and something that I want to push people to start thinking about especially in this economic downturn. I actually fundamentally believe that if you end up leaving a corporate job or working for the man or doing something that you hate and start doing something that you love and at a much lower cost in the beginning whether it's your working a 9 to 5 job and doing it at night or you can do it and monetize it but you are not making as much money as you used to as a lawyer or a doctor. That you'll end up making so much more money too. That's the thing mate, you know people are like yeah, do it, awesome, Garry you are right a pump. Who cares about the cash. I am in a little awesome life, yeah and you are going to make more money. It might not happen right away. But you have to understand when you love it, when it comes out of your face, when it pours out of your body, when you love it, breathe it, live it every second. You build bigger things, you put more into it. You don't just work 9 to 5, you don't just live for your vacations or your weekends. You work every second, every moment and you know what happens when you work and you work hard. And by the way you like it so you are working smart and you know it because it's your hobby or passion. You crush it. So, yeah you can leave and make less money but ultimately you are going to make more. So you can be happy and make more money. That sounds good to me.