Does Sex Always Equal Babies?
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Most people know this, but some of you may not. Does sex always equal babies? Do you have a baby for every time you have sex? Here's what you want to know about the fundamentals of sex and pregnancy!


Jennifer: Okay. Talking about sex and babies. Dear Dan and Jennifer, sorry I am not very good at this -- and we thought of not to film this question because we thought everybody should know this, but you know what -- Dan: Everybody should know a lot of stuff that they don't. Jennifer: Someone watching our videos ask us this question, so if one person ask it, there's probably a 100 more that have the same question. Okay. So dear Dan and Jennifer, sorry I am not very good at this, but I want to know when you have sex, do you have a baby? I heard on one of your videos that someone had sex a 101 days straight, does that mean they have 101 babies or sex just for fun? How do you know you are going to have babies, and how often you have sex, right? I am very confused on this topic. Please help. Now, I have a feeling this is pretty young, but it's still an honest question that probably deserves an honest answer. So to answer your question, when you have sex, yes, you can have a baby, but every time you have sex it's not guaranteed that you are going to have a baby. A 101 times having sex does not mean a 101 babies. Look, it takes one sperm to fertilize one egg. Now, sometimes you get some variations, and that's where you get twins and things like that, but one sperm, one egg, baby every time. Now keep in mind, you have got a whole bunch of these little swimmer guys trying to get to the one egg, but most of them aren't very good swimmers. Dan: Which is why when we have sex we use protection, like condoms. Jennifer: Yeah. So look, do your research. Google, contraception, safe sex, all that kind of stuff. You can Google human reproduction. You can buy some books. I think someone in our Forums, go to our website,, and look in the Forums. Dan: There's a link at the top right for the Forums. Jennifer: As a matter of fact, I put a post in there the other day, it was called Sex Ed Resources, that's got a whole bunch of websites that actually targets kind of teenagers and helping them understand their sexuality a little better. So go there, and that's where you will find the best answer. Dan: But typically, you know, younger people having sex, they hope against hope that they will not end up having a kid, they are just having sex. Jennifer: And the best way to do that is to be smart and be informed. Dan: Yeah, this whole, just say no always sounds great, until the day when you decide that you have had a drink or something, and you are not saying no as loud as you used to. So just say condom, okay? Jennifer: Abstinent is perfectly fine, but you should still understand all of the rest of it. Dan: Absolutely, just be informed, just in case. Informed and smart. Jennifer: Again, to go to the forum, so go to, or you can click up by, which side is it on, if I am on this screen, but it's at the top. Dan: Top right. Jennifer: There's a link that says Forums, go there and search for Sex Ed Resources, and I put a list of 10 or 15 websites that would be really helpful. And anybody watching this video, if you have a really good resource that you have found -- oh no, wait, they can't do that. Go to the Forums and put your resource there, because if you put a link in YouTube, they will just delete your comment. Dan: Yeah, that's true. Jennifer: So just go to our Forums and leave your resource there. Dan: But any safe sex recommendation or sex ed recommendation, whatever, you just can't include links, but you can leave a comment. Jennifer: Keep it cool guys, okay? Dan: Please.