Doctors Experience Vasectomy Madness in March
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Urologists say the number of men getting vasectomies jumps by as much as 50 percent this time of year.


(Image source: ) BY NATHAN BYRNE   ANCHOR MEGAN MURPHY   It’s awesome, baby! March brings us buzzer-beaters, upsets and … “ … vasectomies — a few days before the tournament begins. They said it’s the perfect excuse to sit in front of the TV, watch wall-to-wall basketball. Many doctors across the country even advertise this.” Here’s a snippet of one of those commercials. This one — courtesy of . “Call Virginia Urology right now and schedule your vasectomy. Hey — no better time to get it done.” CNN reports some urology centers see a 40-to-50-percent increase in vasectomies this time of year. But a reporter for Cleveland’s WEWS says potential patients are keeping it private. REPORTER : “ … everyone I asked about this topic  …  flat-out would not talk to me about it on camera.” DOCTOR : “ … [They] are a little bit nervous sometimes about the fact that either their wives or their boss knows that’s why they chose that one day to be out of work.” The game’s on the line. A reporter for KLTV in Tyler, Texas asks … REPORTER: “So, what’s more painful — missing a basketball game or a vasectomy? We asked guys if they’d consider it.” “Absolutely not (laughs).” The Baltimore Sun says some centers offer free T-shirts, coolers and fast-food coupons to lure vasectomy patients.