Doctors: Depression Shrinks Parts of the Brain
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British doctors say latest scanning techniques show distinct differences and changes in volume in parts of the brain among patients with depression and bipolar disorder. (Jan. 18)


[Location - Date:LONDON -][Source:][VO:]DEPRESSION CAN AFFECT BOTH YOUR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH -- FROM FEELINGS OF SADNESS -- TO ACHES AND PAINS.[SOT/:Dr. Matthew Kempton/Institute of Psychiatry, London]("You always hear people saying, oh it's all in the mind and snap out of it, to people with depression")TREATMENT USUALLY FOCUSES ON BRAIN CHEMISTRY.BUT SOME BRITISH DOCTORS SAY THAT FUTURE MEDICATION MY FOCUS ON THE SIZE OF THE BRAIN ITSELF --BECAUSE THEY'VE FOUND THAT PARTS OF THE BRAIN SHRINK IN PEOPLE SUFFERING CLINICAL DEPRESSION.[SOT/:Dr. Matthew Kempton/Institute of Psychiatry, London]("what we do know is that these changes are definitely there in people who are depressed")BUT IT COULD BE REVERSED.[SOT/:Dr. Matthew Kempton/Institute of Psychiatry, London]("so there's some evidence that suggests that when you recover from depression at least some of these changes go back to normal")NEW MEDICATION WOULD HELP RESTORE LOST CELLS.[SOT/:Dr. Matthew Kempton/Institute of Psychiatry, London]("by replacing those neurons we hope perhaps youll get symptomatic changes in patients with depression.")FOLLOWING TREATMENT - DOCTORS SAY THEY CAN ACTUALLY SEE CHANGE IN PARTS OF THE BRAIN RESPONSIBLE FOR MEMORY, PLANNING, JUDGEMENT AND EMOTION. [SOT/:Dr. Matthew Kempton/Institute of Psychiatry, London]("there's some evidence to suggest that those new neurons that start being born in that area of the brain are actually stimulated by antidepressants, so it may be that antidepressants are working in a way that we didn't know already and it may be that once we know exactly how, we can target that area, we can design better treatments, with less side effects that really target that region of the brain.")STILL - THEIR STUDIES HAVEN'T REVEALED WHETHER PATIENTS WITH DEPRESION ARE BORN WITH THESE DIFFERENCES --OR WHETHER THEY WERE CAUSED BY THE DEPRESSION ITSELF.SOMETHING THEY HOPE TO DISCOVER WITH MORE RESEARCH.____ ______, ASSOCIATED PRESS. .(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: RITA FOLEY-------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: BOB MCCALL---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: APTN, SKY, UT HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER SAN ANTONIO-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: DAVID BRUNS ----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: Horizons Clients Only /SKY: NO ACCESS UK / CNNI / AL JAZEERA ENGLISH / RTE / BLOOMBERG /BRAINMAP.ORG SCAN IMAGES CREDIT: UT HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER SAN ANTONIO ----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): SKY: NO ACCESS UK / CNNI / AL JAZEERA ENGLISH / RTE / BLOOMBERG--------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE:vt2326AP-APTN-0600: (HZ) UK Brain Size Counts