Do Men Care If Women Wear Eye Makeup
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Featuring America's Love Experts Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal. Listen to their advice on how men are attracted to eye makeup.


Matt: Hey, everybody. This is Matt and Tamsen with ask Your Tango answering your love questions. Tamsen: Okay your question from Kick, love brief, nothing but sex. Do guys really care if a girl wears make-up? I make up to be exact. My metro sexual husband is going to handle that because he loves my make up. Go ahead. Matt: Thanks for the intro. Honestly a guy’s not even going to know that you have eye make-up on. He’s really not because we’re not that detailed in what we see. He’s just going to know that you have beautiful eyes that pop. He’s just going to know that you have super long eyelashes. He’s just going to know that when he looks in your eyes you can’t stop looking in to your eyes. And again it’s not Tammy Fade Baker make-up that we’re talking about. It’s an accentuator. It’s not anything more that that. You know how to do it. I think you should do it. He has no idea what you’re doing but only that he loves the way you look. Tamsen: But do guys really care? No, they don’t care. They just care if you look naturally, you look good and you look like the person who went to bed the night before. Alright, this is the Matt and Tamsen for Matt: Got a question you like answered? Tamsen: Visit