Do It Yourself Closet Organization Tips
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Do it yourself closet organization can be quite a journey, even with the best advice. Meghan Carter of discovered first-hand the trials and tribulations of closet organization as she put herself under the scrutiny of professional organizer Cynthia Ivie. But in the end, Meghan not only organized her closet, but found a great excuse to go shopping.


Meghan Carter: Closet organization is something many people struggle with and I’m no exception. I mean come here. Look at my closet. Now, keep in mind I do travel a lot. Yes, these things in absolute disaster and I definitely need some help. So, I called the Master’s Simplifier, Cynthia Ivie from White Space to give me a few tips and pointers and she told me to take a picture of my closet before I go to her office. Do you think she is ready for this? I’m hitting the road, searching for answers and finding great design. It’s a quest for beauty, function and of course inspiration. I’m here at White Space to have them look and dissect the pictures of my closet and I’m a little bit nervous. It’s kind of weird having people look at your mess. But I am excited to be able to get to my visit here so let’s get inside and see what they have to say. When I arrived at White Space, I thought I was going to stay there. But Cynthia had other things in mind. She took me to her house to see how a closet should be organized. And then down to her kitchen where she proceeded to tear mine apart. Cynthia Ivie: So Meghan— Meghan Carter: All right, so was it that bad? Cynthia Ivie: You know— Meghan Carter: You’ve had to have seen worst? Cynthia Ivie: I have seen worst. I’ve seen much worst and I think it was really brave of you to email me photos of your closet. I think this would be a great project. First and foremost, the two things that are immediate to me is the assortment of hangers. You have quite a hangers and you are using the hangers that— Meghan Carter: So, it’s a fine collection? Cynthia Ivie: Well, I’m not sure if it is a collection. You are using a lot of a hanger that I am not crazy about for lot of reasons. And that’s the white tubular hanger. You’ll notice that your clothes slip off of that a lot. Meghan Carter: Yes, they do. Cynthia Ivie: And the clothes don’t stay on the hanger gracefully. They also can snug clothes. So, for women in particular with fine fabrics they’re not a great choice. And they aren’t durable enough to hold jeans or pants or slacks without putting a crease in even though they are round. So, I would tell you first thing to do is to go home and invest in this particular hanger, the nice crystal dress hanger like we saw in my closet. Meghan Carter: All right. Cynthia Ivie: The second thing is you probably need to go through your closet and really be strict with yourself about what you wear and what you don’t. Meghan Carter: Are you telling me to purge my closet? Cynthia Ivie: I am telling you to purge your closet. What I do like is you’ve got your off season cloths up high which is good although it looks like the shelf at the top is empty. I would use those containers, the shoebox I showed you. Meghan Carter: All right. Cynthia Ivie: With the snap and lid comes in a sweater size and shallow and deep. I’d be happy to send you a link to that product. I would contain those things and plastics and put them up high where they’re stocked. They’re nice and neat. And it’s going to compact them so you can get more of this and apply. Meghan Carter: All right. Cynthia Ivie: And then from there, zone your closet. Have alike things together and start there. So, all of the shoes together, all of the handbags together, all of the blouses, skirts, pants etcetera. And the other thing is you might talk about shoes today, so I know that you’ve got some shoes in here that aren’t comfortable to wear especially when you are on feet all day. I would donate those shoes. Meghan Carter: Get rid of the shoes. Cynthia Ivie: I would get rid of the shoes. And keep the shoes that— Meghan Carter: I would get rid of the shoes, all right. All the uncomfortable shoes will go. Cynthia Ivie: It’s painful but I would tell you to get rid of the shoes. I’m going to send you a link to some products that I think will work well on the inside of your drawer and you will have this thing tuned up in no time. Meghan Carter: All right so order them off from colors too? Cynthia Ivie: Yes. Meghan Carter: Get the colors— Cynthia Ivie: Lig