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What would you do if your husband came home one day and said "I'm leaving you for a Hollywood actress". Well this is exactly what happened to Mary Jo Eustace, when her husband of 13 years left her for Tori Spelling. She is here to tell us everything the tabloids didn't and offer some great advice to all women out there who are going through divorce.


Host: What you do if your husband came home one day and said “Sorry honey but I'm leaving you for a Hollywood actress “you’d be pretty shocked right and probably want to kill him. Well this is exactly what happened Mary Jo Eustace when her husband of 13 years. Left her for Tori Spelling she's here to tell us everything the tabloids did it offer some great advice to all women out there who are going through their own divorce and you have this new book out divorce sucks. Mary Jo Eustace: I do. Host: It's a very honest book. Mary Jo Eustace: It is a very honest book I mean I really wanted to—it was a perfect combination that came together for me for this book because I've been offered lots of books and reality series you know to share my pain and suffering. But this was a perfect combination because it could be funny it could be informative and I could share personal stories on my terms that I felt would really help other women. And so is it was a great opportunity to tell my story but actually help women in the process. Host: And it is one part tell all one part survival guide let's talk about what happened to you, in your marriage, I know its tough. Mary Jo Eustace: No, I mean it's you know—it's four years ago. But yes, it is true that I was married her but 12 or 13 years and my ex husband went away to do a movie for you know three weeks. And we just adopted a baby girl in just moved to California. And he went on to our native candidates do this movie. And I was stuck in Los Angeles during the heat wave and you know the new born and new family and couldn't get in touch with during the movie. And then he came home and on family vacation a day later. I confronted him in the hotel room. And you know I said— Host: And this is when you found out. Mary Jo Eustace: Yeah this is when I found out, I had no idea, I have no idea I mean the night before he left we had a bit. Host: You are blindsided. Mary Jo Eustace: I was totally blindsided, we had a big beach party before he left to go to the movie were you this toasting his family and you know I said “This shouldn’t become friends, it could be good be good for your career you know whole thing. So never thought in a million years and then he told me in a hotel room and when I was wearing a really ugly bikini he told me. Host: He just said “I'm leaving”. Mary Jo Eustace: Why I said to said “What's, what's wrong” and he said “Well I dint want to tell you in vacation but I met someone” and I said “Was it Tori Spelling?” and one I knew he does a movies and he said “Yes. It's her” she love me unconditionally and leaving you for her and I was thinking “Well, she's married isn't she a bet that wasn’t really an issue but, yeah”. Host: Wow, how hard was it for you to talk about all of this. In your new book I mean you get very candid in this book you talk about some of the issues you guys had going through that a lot of issues you have going through the divorce. Mary Jo Eustace: Yeah, it was you know the book, I wrote the book you know two years after and I wrote in my living room it started you know a year ago. In California overlooking my garden and it was just like talking to a girlfriend you know writing the book was so enjoyable. Because, I believed in the experience so much I really wanted to give women information to help them. So it's like talking to a girlfriend. Providing it was a really cathartic and it was a really great experience and you know a couple of times I hit the delete button have to I'd written I was like “No I don't want it to be that” but I did share more things and I thought it actually would. Host: How hard was it seen them. All of the tabloids have a reality show how hard that was for you going through divorce. Mary Jo Eustace: Well I mean its every woman’s right pretty much to see here it see your ex-husband on a reality show with 12 new kids and you know it was so real and to just play. I didn't engage in and I didn't watch, I think I need to bazaar, now I had very good friends who they email me and tell me when things on that I should know about you know that my son was on the reality with a piece of black tape through his face and I put a to that immediately. So things like that were good to know but bazaar. Host: Well what is the one piece of advice that you have for women going through divorce that you talk about in the book. Mary Jo Eustace: I think that at a time you know when you are the most vulnerable and to confused you’re actually have to step up to the plate and be your own advocate. And you might not have that in your marriage. And not take responsibility and now really is a time you have to you, have to do that and it'll help you move forward and it’ll help you set the second half. You know of your life and Divorce Sucks but your life does not have to after for sure. Host: Thank you so much Mary Jo Eustace. Mary Jo Eustace: And you're welcome. Host: Some great advice in this book and if you're looking for divorce survival guide you can certainly learn a lot from Mary Jo so make sure you pick up a copy of Divorce Sucks it is available now.