Disney Movie Executive Steps Down
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After heading up one of the biggest flops in Hollywood history, the chairman of Walt Disney Studios, Rich Ross, is resigning his post after being app


  (Image Source: Walt Disney Studios )   BY KRISTIAN MUNDAHL   ANCHOR ZACH TOOMBS   The chairman of Disney’s movie division officially stepped down Friday after three rocky years on the job. He’d previously been successful running Disney’s cable operation. Here’s CNBC .   “Ross, who successfully grew the channel into a worldwide powerhouse with hit franchises like "High School Musical", failed the golden touch with cable tv to film.”   After his success with The Disney Channel, Ross was expected to turn around Walt Disney Studios. But after overseeing one of the biggest flops in film history, the sci-fi flick John Carter, Ross told his staff in a statement it was time to move on.   “... I no longer believe the chairman role is the right professional fit for me. For that reason, I have made the very difficult decision to step down...”   It was Ross’s television success that led Disney President Bob Iger (EYE-ger) to promote him to the studio’s top job. But bloggers for the Los Angeles Times point out, the choice was criticized from the start.   “Many inside and outside Disney were skeptical at the time that a TV executive with limited film experience could transition successfully to running a large movie studio.”   Ross was Iger’s first choice to replace former chairman Dick Cook. The New York Times’ blogger Brooks Barnes says, Ross’s tenure reflects badly on the CEO.   “Mr. Iger’s hiring of Mr. Ross was heralded as a bold decision. Now his exit marks a rare blemish on Mr. Iger’s record as chief executive, partly because of the selection of Mr. Ross but also because the studio continues to be in turmoil more than two years after Mr. Iger first moved to fix it.”   Disney has not named a successor and, according to Barnes, it may take months to fill the role.