Discovering New Cheeses
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An expert offers advice for exploring the world of gourmet cheese.


Fine Living Network’s Smart Tips I think to learn about new cheese are discovering new cheese, you should find a reputable cheese shop. Spend some time there, talk to people in there explaining them what you’re looking for, explaining them what your taste are. Learning about cheese, there’s a lot of them out there and the way to learn about them is taste as many as you can. Cheese tastes very much like everything else. There are sweet cheeses, there are sharp cheeses, you know texture wise. There is also a texture cheeses, start in mouth and work your way up. Clearing the palate is recommended with a little swish of wine. You should absolutely smell the cheese. That’s part of the experience as well as the visual impact. Limit yourself to it in specific country, French cheese, or even limit let yourself more to French goats cheese or French cows milk cheeses. I found one of the easiest ways to learn about cheese is to pick up one of the more popular cheese reference books. Different cheeses have different kinds of rinds, some of it is natural, some if it is not, use your common sense of whether to eat it or not, if it’s wax, obviously you’re not going to eat it. For more, go to tips.