Disabled Parents -- a Fight For Respect
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Disabled Americans made huge gains when Congress passed landmark legislation on their behalf in 1990. But a new report says barriers still exist when it comes to one basic human right: Being a parent. (Nov. 26)


DURATION: 1:34-----------------------------------------SHOTLIST:AP - AP Clients Arlington Heights, Illinois - Nov. 221. Various Shots of Jen Thomas and kids on sidewalk2. SOUNDBITE: Jen Thomas / Mom (Transcript Below)3. Photo of Jen Thomas and kids with Pluto4. SOUNDBITE: Jen Thomas / Mom (Transcript Below)5. Jen Thomas and daughter with book 6. Exterior of DePaul University College of Law7. WS of Mark Weber in office8. TS of sign of DePaul University College of Law9. SOUNDBITE: Mark Weber/ DePaul University School of Law (Transcript Below) 10. WS of Karen Tamley and daughter looking at dress11. WS of Karen Tamley and daughter / brushing hair12. SOUNDBITE: Karen Tamley/ Mom and Chicago Disability Commissioner (Transcript Below) 13 Karen Tamley and family walking on sidewalk14. Karen Tamley and family standing at intersection15. SOUNDBITE: Kevin Irvine/Dad - (Transcript Below) 16: Karen Tamley and daughter inside 17. NATSOUND - Dominika Tamley / Daughter (Transcript Below)18: Karen Tamley and daughter having photo takenVOICE-OVER SCRIPT:JENN THOMAS KNOWS SOME PEOPLE QUESTION HER ABILITY TO BE A PARENT.SOUNDBITE: Jenn Thomas/disabled mom: "I think society looks at people with disabilities as people who need constant care. And that's not true. THOMAS HAS CEREBRAL PALSY. BUT SHE AND HER HUSBAND D-J ALWAYS WANTED TO BE PARENTS …… REGARDLESS OF HER DISABILITY.SOUNDBITE: Jenn Thomas/disabled mom: "It's about love and having the ability to love and bond with your children."EVEN SO, A NEW REPORT FROM THE NATIONAL COUNCIL ON DISABILITY HAS FOUND THAT MANY DISABLED PARENTS STILL RISK LOSING THEIR CHILDREN.AND THAT TROUBLES SOME EXPERTS.SOUNDBITE: Mark Weber/DePaul University law professor "You should start with the idea that a kid should be with the kids parents."If there is a situation where the child is genuinely in danger then obviously not."BUT HE SAYS THAT CAN OFTEN BE PREVENTED IF PARENTS HAVE ADEQUATE SUPPORT.KAREN TAMLEY, WHO HAS A RARE SPINAL DISORDER, AND HER HUSBAND ADOPTED THEIR DAUGHTER. SIX-YEAR-OLD DOMINIKA HAS APERT SYNDROME, A GENETIC DISORDER THAT CAUSES FACIAL DEFORMITIES, AMONG OTHER THINGS.SOUNDBITE: Karen Tamley/mother and Chicago's disability commissioner: "When I was growing up, neither of my parents had a disability, so you don't have those role models out there in your immediate family and so I think that's one of the benefits she's going to have growing up -- is that she looks different and I look different."DOMINIKA'S FATHER, MEANWHILE, IS A HEMOPHILIAC WHO CONTRACTED H-I-V FROM A BLOOD TRANSFUSION.SOUNDBITE: Kevin Irvine/Dominika's father: "She sees I take medicine and I give myself shots sometimes. But she doesn't really understand what it means."BUT ASK DOMINIKA ABOUT HER PARENTS … AND IT'S REALLY QUITE SIMPLE.SOUNDBITE: Dominika Tamley, 6-year-old daughter: "OK, I love them. Bye."IT'S ABOUT LOVE.SIGOUT - Martha Irvine/Associated Press