Disabled Girl's Feet Duct-Taped at School
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Child Protective Services and school officials in Indianapolis are investigating, after an 8-year-old girl with Down syndrome came home with her shoes duct-taped to her ankles. (Feb. 6)


DURATION: 1:14-----------------------------------------SHOTLIST:SOURCE: WRTV - RESTRICTION: COURTESY WRTV, EMBARGO INDIANAPOLISLocation - Date: Indianapolis / February 6, 2013(OLV)1. Close. Shaylyn Searcy, 8, sitting with her mother, Elizabeth Searcy2. Close. Father Nate Searcy's hands handling duct tape3. SOUNDBITE: Nate Searcy/Father (Transcript Below)4. Close. Nate Searcy's hands handling duct tape5. Close. Shaylyn Searcy's ankle6. SOUNDBITE: Nate Searcy/Father (Transcript Below)7. Wide. Westlake School entrance8.SOUNDBITE: Nate Searcy/Father (Transcript Below) 9. Close. Shaylyn with mother10. SOUNDBITE: Elizabeth Searcy/Mother (transcript below)11. Wide. School entrance12. Wide. Front of school13. Mid. School name on building14. Close. Father's hands handling tapeVOICE-OVER SCRIPT:SCHOOL OFFICIALS AND CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES IN INDIANAPOLIS WANT TO KNOW WHY AN EIGHT YEAR OLD GIRL WITH DOWN SYNDROME CAME HOME FROM SCHOOL WITH HER SHOES DUCT TAPED TO HER ANKLES.SOUNDBITE: NATE SEARCY/FATHER' She just kind of stood there kind of limping a little bit and I was like ' What's going on?' And she says ' My feet hurt.' And I looked down and she had duct tape wrapped around both shoes, both ankles, and she couldn't even walk.TRACK-2SHAYLYN SEARCY'S FATHER SAYS HER FEET WERE BOUND SO TIGHTLY, SHE COULDN'T GET ON THE BUS.SOUNDBITE: NATE SEARCY/FATHER'They had the tape on her feet so tight, she couldn't even walk. They had to push her out with a wheelchair onto the bus.'TRACK-3SHAYLYN'S FATHER TOOK HER BACK TO SCHOOL.SOUNDBITE: NATE SEARCY/FATHER'I had to carry her off the bus, carry her to the car, we went back to the school and told the principle what was going on. It took her 30 minutes to get the tape off.TRACK-4SHAYLYN'S PARENTS ADMIT THEIR DAUGHTER HAS HAD TROUBLE WITH SHOES BEFORE.SOUNDBITE: ELIZABETH SEARCY/MOTHER'They've called me before because she won't get her shoes on or won't stand up and walk to the bus, and had fits, and I've talked to her on the phone with the teacher and she's got up and she's got on that bus. I don't know why today was any different.'TRACK-5IT'S UNCLEAR WHO TAPED SHAYLYN'S FEET.HER PARENTS PLAN TO MEET WITH DEPARTMENT OF CHILD SERVICES INVESTIGATORS ON WEDNESDAY. SANDY KOZEL, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS.----