Diners Break Down the State of the Union Address
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At a diner near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, customers share their opinion of Tuesday night's State of the Union address. (Jan. 25)


[Notes:East Pennsboro Township, Pa - Jan 25, 2012][Notes:Source: AP][SOT/:Georgia Rackley/Harrisburg, Pa Resident]("overall it felt like it was pretty unrealistic. It was more of a campaign speech. More of the continued promises for expansion of programs that again my question was where are we going to have all the money to do all these things he was proposing. ")[SOT/:Andrew Eckstein/Harrisburg, Pa Resident]("it was basically like a lot of the other state of the union addresses. It was in some parts optimistic, in some parts pejorative.")[SOT/:Emma Yager/Harrisburg, Pa Resident]("i thought like 3 years ago he made, president obama made lots of promises but just like three years ago he couldn't follow through with them then and I think if he's reelected he won't be able to follow through with them again. And I think he's going to let the american people donw agian.")[SOT/:George Raudensky/Harrisburg, Pa Resident]("i mean he came right out and he was straight to the point. Obviously you could tell that the republicans didn't stand up and applaud too much because he's a democrat.")[SOT/:Georgia Rackley/Harrisburg, Pa Resident]("i do want to say though that I was very touched that he began the speech with a tribute to the armed service people. I had a son that just came back from afghanistan and I was very touched that he began on that note because the war is often forgotten.")(****END****) VIDEO PRODUCER: BOB MCCALL---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: AP-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: DAVID BRUNS----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: NONE----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): NONE--------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: N/A