Diet Sports Drinks Review
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While sports drinks might be great for quenching our thirst and refueling our energy, some of them are not so great for our waistline. Men's Fitness magazine recently revealed the top six diet sports drinks that are low in calories but high in taste.


Better Audra Lowe: While sports drinks might be great for quenching our thirst and refueling our energy some of them might not be so great for the waistline. Men’s fitness magazine recently revealed the top 6 best diets sports that are low in calories but high in taste. Karen Ansel is a representative for the New York State Dietetic Association and she’s here to tell us about them, welcome to the show Karen. Karen: Thanks for having me. Audra: There’s a lot of choices out there in terms of the kicks right. Karen: A lot of choices out there, some better than others, when you’re working out hydration is really key even a small amount of dehydration can really make you feel exhausted, you can end up with muscle cramps, headaches, so you really want to make you hydrate. Audra: And sometimes you might have to kind of test out a few just to figure out what works best for you. Karen: And you might be looking for something that has no calories, you might be working out really hard and need more calories. So there’s definitely a wide spectrum of choices here. They’re all good choices that we’ve got. Audra: Okay, the first one over here is this the hint essence water, I recognize that one. Karen: Hint essence water is— Audra: It’s a sports drink though. Karen: Well you can definitely use it as a sports drink. It’s basically it’s a flavored water. It’s completely natural, no calories, no artificial sweeteners. No sugar and the great thing about the hint is that it has got incredible flavors. You got flavors that are refreshing like watermelon, we got the pear here, pomegranate, tangerine, cucumber. And when you have something with a lot of flavor you are much more likely to want to drink it. Audra: Okay the next one that we have here is the Arizona diet green tea with ginseng so what makes this one so special not only with the calories but the ingredients. Karen: This one is made from real green tea and its brooded with antioxidants and with ginseng in it so it’s super healthy so your getting all those antioxidants, in addition it has no calories, no carbs so again it makes a great drink for a sports drink or otherwise to have with lunch to keep in your bag. Audra: All natural too. Karen: All natural. Audra: Alright we like that and now the diet Snapple this one here is made from green and black tea leaves right. Karen: Yes, the diet choice, excellent choice, really good combination both very high in antioxidants and in addition that Snapple is completely natural, made from filtered water and it also— it has got a few calories compared o these two that are non calorie it has got about one tenth of the calories they can get in a regular Snapple so its still much lower in calories but it does have 20 calories per bottle so you want to keep that in mind when you’re drinking it that you can’t just guzzle these all day long, they could add up. Audra: Exactly. Karen: But definitely, if you’re working out definitely it makes a great. Audra: About the same amount of calories you’ll find in the vitamin water, right? Karen: Yes exactly. The vitamin water is very similar, it has about 25 calories per bottle with a vitamin water you get ton of vitamins and minerals. In addition each vitamin water there’s many different flavors and each one has it’s own different health benefits which is kind of fun so you can pick them out and then in addition to that, totally naturally sweet and just sweetened with combination of stevia, fructose and sugar so all natural sweeteners. Audra: And nothing low when it comes to the sugar count? Karen: Still low sugar count 25 calories per bottle, nothing to feel bad about but I would limit it to one. Audra: Now you have the Gatorade here but is it specific to this particular flavor or all the Gatorades? Karen: Well, this is a different kind of Gatorade it’s new and it’s called Gatorade G2 and the difference between this and regular Gatorade is that this is a low calorie Gatorade. It still has all the electrolytes like potassium and sodium that you would get from regular Gatorade but it has half the calories so it’s definitely a smart choice if you’re watching your waistline. And its definitely the smart choice to if you are having a hard workout if you’re going to be sweating a lot. Doing in a little Pilates or something these are great, but if your going to be spinning for a long time, running for a long time and you’re really sweating you do need a replace those electrolytes, so Gatorade G2 is a great choice you just need to keep in mind that there are 70 calories in a bottle so it’s not a free ride. Audra: And last but not least we have just a few seconds left the Powerade zero grape low in calories low in sugar, good choice also. Karen: Good choice actually no calories, very similar to Gatorade, no calories. Audra: Got it alright thank you so much Karen good to meet you too. Karen: Thank you. Audra: Good to have you here. And you guys can find other health and nutrition tips to wrap up your workout just by picking out Men’s Fitness magazine which is available now.