Did You Take Family Leave?
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DadLabs Ep 346 The Lounge -- In this episode, we ask our panel of expert and veteran parents the following question: "How much maternity or paternity leave did you take?" Stats indicate the the amount of family leave Americans take is on the wane. Are you part of that trend? Brought to you by Baby Bjorn. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Daddy Clyde: Hi there and welcome back to the DadLabs lounge brought to you by Baby Bjorn, I’m daddy Clyde. Daddy Brad: We’re out here on the back deck at Freddy’s just hanging out asking some parenting questions, I’m Daddy Brad. Daddy Owen: I’m Daddy Owen and today’s question is, did you take paternity or maternity leave? [Music Playing] Male: I had a restaurant at that point in time and she was in the restaurant with us from that day that she was born. Daddy Owen Instead of leaving work, you brought your child to work? Male: Yes. Daddy Owen: Not child labor? Male: No. Daddy Owen: Maybe a little child labor? Male: A little bit. Daddy Owen: Clean dishes? Male: Wash the dishes, mopping the floor. Female: With this baby I am taking maternity leave, it’s six weeks unpaid so I guess the idea is just, you promise not to give your job away? Thanks. Daddy Clyde: Instead of staying home with my newborn I was making a DVD to teach other dads how to do stuff. Female: I quit my job when I was about four months pregnant and so it was really too demanding, I was traveling a lot, it’s my first child and I didn’t want to take any risk, when she was 12 months old is when w went ahead and put her into part time at the time day care and then transitioned it into full time. Daddy Clyde: I think that every dad, when a baby is born, we go our list, should stay home for one week. Daddy Owen: Oh and spend seven days— Daddy Clyde: You stay home for a week. Daddy Brad: Yeah, a week. Male: Several weeks. Female: Ideally at least three months. Daddy Owen: The week after our kid was born, after Arvin was born, I actually, I find myself getting super busy and at one point Jodie just sort of stopped me, she said you need to stop, you take a day and not answer any phone and not answer any e-mail and just sit and be with me and the baby. I basically move myself to kind of halftime anyway and since I’m self-employed and a heavy drinker, that’s really a quarter of normal person time. Female: Because I feel like starting back full time, there’s going to be too much with two kids, I’m going to take this spring semester half time. so in the end, I’m kind of taking this whole year at a quarter salary. Daddy Clyde: You’re expecting Owen to make that up, you know we’re paying in gear. Female: But once I get this baby out of me I can start drinking beer again too. Daddy Owen: Well that’s all we’ve got here at the lounge with the opportunity to leave. Daddy Brad: I’m done with my dumb comment leave. Daddy Clyde: If you got a problem about paternity leave, tell us, did you take a leave? Definitely go to DadLabs.com, join the community, join in the conversation there, let us know what you think on this subject, that’s all for us this week here in the lounge. Daddy Brad: You didn’t ask him to drop their thought system. [Music Playing] Male: I was trying to work and get paid and take some time off but they sort of stuck to their guns and follow the human resources policy about requiring what it’s like unpaid leave, so I was kind of disgruntled about that.