Diabetes in the Family
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Dr. Thaddeus Bell explains that some people incorrectly believe they will not develop diabetes if their parents have it. In this video, he also talks about ways a person can reduce their risk of developing diabetes.


Question: Will diabetes skip a generation? Dr. Thaddeus Bell: You see common miff, and I think it is a little bit of denial that if your parents had diabetes, it's going to skip you a generation, and then hit the next generation. The research shows that, if your parented diabetics, then you're risk for developing diabetes is increased. It does not mean that you will get it; it just means that your risk for developing is increased. You can decrease your risk by keeping your weight under control, eating properly and by exercising on a regular basis, regular meaning four to five times a week, every week that will perhaps hold the diabetes that you may develop for a long period of time.