Diabetes In Children
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According to the CDC, diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases for children in the United States. Find out why more and more children are being diagnosed with this disease.


Female Speaker: Doctors are seeing diabetes in more adults but diabetes is also affecting our children at an alarming rate. Carolyn Jenkins: We are seeing more and more children particularly with Type 2 diabetes. They are obese or overweight child or adolescent has more risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Female Speaker: As people become more aware of the risks that come along with having diabetes society needs to take steps to prevent this disease from becoming an epidemic. Carolyn Jenkins: Diabetes can be prevented with three basic steps. One is healthy eating, two is physical activity and with a five to 10% weight loss diabetes can be prevented in the person who is overweight. Female Speaker: According to the CDC diabetes is the one of the most common chronic diseases for children in the US. It affects about a 150,000 people under the age of 18, that means about 1 in every 400-500 children has diabetes.